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The Good (And The Bad) About KPop | Part 2: The Bad

Hi everyone and welcome to our place!

As promised last week, today is time to share my thoughts towards Kpop again, but this time the negative part of it! If this is the first post you are reading first read my thoughts on the positive side of Kpop! I love Kpop and I just don’t want to you to think that I’m just bashing Kpop without saying the good part of it! ๐Ÿ˜›

To the ones who were waiting for the Finals of Hunger Games yesterday… Sorry that didn’t come out but I’ve not been that inspired in the last few days so I decided to not post a half assed version of it and wait a little bit for my muse to come out and help me! Nevertheless, sorry about that (I do hate to fail my promises you know…).

the bad about kpop writing.gif
Really don’t have any idea for the Finals lolol

Now, let’s start talking a little bit more about the Kpop industry which has everything in lifeย has its ups and downs. Today we will be focusing on the downs!

The Negative

Music is seen as a Business and Not as an Art

Not everything is good in the Kpop Land. This is something that is pretty usual with everything in the Asian culture. People have to do their max and work their ass off to anything they do. The problem with that is people will start to be more mechanic and less creative.

the about kpop industry factory.gif
It’s like a factory, but for gorgeous and perfect idols

What do I want to say about this? Well, in Kpop you can see that in most cases every part as a role and the singers and just that: Singers (And dancers). Their job is to sing, dance and look pretty all the time. It is a no-brainer that they are not the ones writing the songs or something like that. This is something that I love about American Pop that we are seeing more and more in the past few years. Singers are, before that, artists and they will write their songs, they will decide their next move and so on. This let us with completely different types of Pop and the possibility to see our fav singers transform themselves again and again. Yes I’m looking at you Rihanna and Beyonce!

In Kpop, since it’s seen as a business the music that is put out is always going to be what the marketeers studied about the consumer and what they want to listen right now. Something that you normally do with a product.

The singers are way too perfect

Ok, I’ll need to explain this one well! First of all, yes they are gorgeous and I just want to cuddle with them. Second, American Pop singers also seem perfect most of the times.

However, in America this is turning. Mainly because of all the woman empowerment, accepting yourself, bla bla bla. The reality is, American Pop singers are destroying barriers and putting themselves out more to show to teenager girls that perfect doesn’t exist! Things like showing how much the pics are not themselves but Photoshop, taking pics without makeup, Rihanna just got fatter and doesn’t give a F and is able to be sexy non the less, Alicia Keys completely stopped using make-up, Kellyย  Clarkson also got some weight and doesn’t care… Things like that which I think it’s really important to the young girls and boys to help them accept ourselves and be happy with ourselves.

the bad about kpop writing guys too perfect.gif
Even my confidence goes in the gutter watching this!

Now, South Korea is not like that. In reality, people there are way too upfront with your looks and will say it to you on your face if you are fat, don’t have the nicest teeth and things like that. This kind of culture made South Korea one of the countries with the highest (I think it really IS the highest but I’m not sure) rate of population going under plastic surgery. For you to understand, in South Korea is normal to give teens who finished HighSchool a plastic surgery as a congratulations gif. Being the double eye-lid the most famous one.

Now, what do you think these young teenagers think of themselves? Most of them will have problems of self-esteem and it’s in the powers of celebrities to change these kind of mind-sets and make the World a better place to live. Being so perfect all the time this will just make young people to go and have plastic surgery to make themselves look better.

the bad about kpop girls too perfetct.gif
That’s basically the goal! I mean… It’s way too perfect!

Now, I know this is a culture thing and everyone has the right to have their own culture. But, I do think that everything which is too much is bad and therefore I think this is not really a good thing to have in one’s culture because it’s making people feeling bad with themselves. There is also things that I don’t like in my own culture for the same thing, so yeah…

In conclusion, what I want to say with this is: Yeah, really like to see those hot guys dancing and singing. However, I have enough confidence in my looks to just enjoy it and don’t think that I want to be like them. However, I think a teenager who looks at them and let’s say doesn’t have the nicest teeth will feel self-conscious and will want to change himself before even accepting himself. Do not take me wrong! I’m completely ok with people doing plastic surgeryย and using make-up and so on! That’s not really the problem here, it’s the amount of it and how the culture will make teens and small children not feeling ok in their own bodies!

Voices are too mechanic

What I want to say with mechanic is that there are a lot robotic parts in the music to the point of when you listen to them you immediately know that those are not the voices of the singers. But ok, completely normal in MVs! The music sounds really good and the voices are cool. So what I did right away was to listen some Lives.

Oh boy! They are singing yes, at least you can listen their voice faintly! However, the voices you will listen are the robotics ones that were made on the computer most of the time! I mean they are not doing playback, however their mics are put in such a low-level that you can’t almost hear them!

the bad about kpop live.gif
Those moves though!

I’m not saying that they can’t sing. Let’s face nobody gets to that point without being able to sing. However, it’s a shame that in lives you aren’t able to really hear them sing. However, again, since I’m amateur on this probably this just happens on the musics that are most dance like. Probably you can hear their own voices on the ballads and so on… I don’t know. I can say that I prefer the american way of doing it though. Even in these kind of musics that are more robotic they add always some spice to it by doing some vibratos and slides with their voice… You know, just for showing that they can sing ๐Ÿ˜€

Dance Moves never change?

Ok, this is really an honest question… I’ve seen like 4 different lives of the same music and they ALWAYS do the same dance routine! And no, it was not from the same tourย where it’s normal for that to happen. They never, ever seem to change it! I don’t know if this is the normal though, but if it is I don’t like it.

Again, this comes from the seeing music as a business making it to become robotic, with no space for creativity… Those dance moves worked? Cool, we’ll use for the years to come! I do understand that there are some moves that you have to put it in there, those easy and catchy dancing steps that everyone knows and paid their ticked to have the opportunity to do it live. However, I think it would be nicer if there was some differences in the dance moves.

the bad about Kpop dance moves.gif
The moves are LIT though!

Because, if you use the robotic voices and then always do the same dance moves if you see one live you see them all… It’s true that this way you are certain that things will go well… However it takes a little bit the magic out of it!

Those Girls are way too mean to each other

Ok… So, this is completely normal in show biz! Beefs between female singers is also a common thing in the USA. However, I sense that in South Korea they have way more difficult to put a mask and don’t let it pass their jealously, envy and so on towards others! I’m not saying all of them are like that, but there are way more girls in there that when I watch them in interviews they look to behave like children.

the bad about kpop mean girls.gif
She’s not having any of it!

However, I’m not naive enough to not know that most of the beefs and people getting mad at each other is just business! It’s the same as the actors starting dating each other when they are doing the main couple in a movie for teens. It’s pretty damn easy! Any kind of talk is publicity and therefore most of the times those beefs are just making them to go viral and people getting to sell more records.

I don’t know if this is the same for the koreans or not though… Are these mean girls just a pesona or are they in fact like that?

Aaaaand, those are aspects I think being the most negative about Kpop. What do you think about it? Comment down below! ๐Ÿ˜€ In the end I love Kpop non the less and I still do the dance moves when listening to Super Junior!

the bad about kpop cute.gif

See You Soon! ๐Ÿ˜€

11 thoughts on “The Good (And The Bad) About KPop | Part 2: The Bad”

  1. Most of what you mentioned is very true…but the trend of idols writing and producing their own music and even having a say in their concepts and ideas is fast on the rise. Groups like BTS, Seventeen, Big Bang, Stray Kids and more recently, GOT7 and even Twice and many others actively participate in making their team’s music. I agree that they can be too focused on looking perfect and attractive, but it’s part of their job description, as you said. They’re idols, who have to look good no matter what. However, most of them have great and funny personalities which they aren’t afraid to show off, so I love them nevertheless! Again, lip syncing is rampant, but there are plenty of veteran and more recent groups that almost never lip sync. I may be a bit biased here, but BTS rarely ever lip syncs; sometimes the singers are just so talented that you can’t tell. As for dance moves, it takes hours of practice just to perfect one dance, and performing difficult choreo while having to sing or rap at the same time is very challenging. It may seem repetitive, but the best groups manage to make it work every time. Also, they often perform remixes or medleys with great new dance breaks at year end shows and award shows, so I suggest you check those out! Celebrities often come off as fake on camera, but that’s the truth most of the time, all the feuds are mostly for show and publicity…as you mentioned.
    Also, this is just my opinion (I sincerely do not mean to offend anybody), but I don’t think you can really compare K-Pop to American pop music, they are way too different on some fundamental levels. But I can see that most people would tend to judge K-Pop or any other language pop music based on American pop standards, because it’s more well known and relatable.
    Sorry for the long-ass comment, but I just wanted to share my opinion! Sorry if I came across as offensive in any way, I assure you that I did not mean to.
    Great post; all the negatives you pointed out are certainly relevant! I agree with them on the whole. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thank you for you comment Jaune ๐Ÿ™‚

      First I would like to ask you if you have seen my post about the good part of Kpop. As I said my idea is not bashing Kpop and I do like Kpop… a lot xD

      Also, as I stated in the first part of this series I’m still an amateur what it comes to Kpop genre and this is more like a first impressions than a full stack review on Kpop. To be honest I think I would never have the patience or the time to go deeper to the point of knowing it all! I like it, but it’s just not the thing that I would put my life into ๐Ÿ˜›

      When it comes to looks, I think it’s the same everywhere, but I do think a little alarming to find out that most highschoolers have plastic surgery as a prefesent of finishing Highschool. It’s true that in the states it is the same way, however there has been a movement to try to destroy the perfection dream! Nobody is completely perfect and I think that is important that celebrities show that! I do think though that Kpop will also get to that point, however it will take a while.

      The thing about Lyp Sincing… To be honest the ones I heard are not really lyp sincing, the thing is their voice are just too low because of course they can’t do the robotic part! To be honest I don’t mind when singers do that for the sake of the show, nevertheless I think it’s way too normal in Kpop.

      Regarding the dance moves, yes I will be doing that ๐Ÿ˜› But telling me that it gives a lot of work it’s not going to suffice here though :/ Sorry, but I it’s their job (and the coreographer ofc). Any kind of performers (at least the good ones) need to do that and they end up chaging their coreos many times. Look at Beyonce for example. Nevertheless, as I said, it’s normal to have one general that they use all the time if they are on a tour or something like that.

      Yeah, completely agree with you! But I think that contrary to the west where Girl love movement is spreading quickly, in Kpop we still don’t see this as often. Of course it’s a different culture and even more difficult to come out as an idol even after going popular. However, I think it is another “trend” that Kpop will sooner or later to follow!

      I agree with you, but I also don’t xD they are both the most known pop genres, so yeah the culture is completely different and the ways to do things are different, that’s why it’s fun to compare both of them eheh

      Again, thank you for sharing your opinion. That’s the point of me putting stuff on my blog xD to make conversations like these ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thank you! Your comment was also a delight to read and I feel more wise about Kpop after reading it

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      1. Thank you so much. I did, in fact read the first part, and I loved it! Now that you mention it, I can see that it’s coming from a new fan’s perspective, and it makes a lot more sense. I don’t agree with the way looks and plastic surgery are emphasised so much, but I also think it’s just another part of the culture that should hopefully change in the future.
        I still feel that having to learn more than one dance routine to a song would be too taxing for the singers, as they have to perform at least 15-20 choreographed songs throughout the concert. It really does take a toll, BTS’ documentary series showed some really heartbreaking footage of their struggles, which made me more aware of what they go through while on a world tour. And I’m sure it’s the same for every artist.
        As for Girl Love, it’s going to be very slow catching in Asian countries, but I’m sure it’ll reach there soon enough!
        Thank you for being so understanding of a contrasting opinion, I apologise again if I’ve caused offence in any way. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Interesting set of posts! (I read the first part of it when it was released last week!) I hope you don’t mind, but I’m sharing my perspective here as another fan of K-Pop. By all means I’m not defending it (there are definitely bad sides to the industry) but I thought I should clarify some things!

    K-Pop is renowned for being a huge industry and is therefore quite robotic. Wholeheartedly, I agree with you there. You just need to look at all the TWICE-a-likes out there. They keep getting churned out, huh? Saying that, however, this is no different to the amount of boy groups that got produced in the West during the 90s or when One Direction hit global mania. Arguably, the West is just better at disguising this manufacturing.

    Idols are all about puting on a show – that’s the culture of it. Compare this to idol anime such as Love Live! for instance. If the girls were just stood on the stage doing nothing, it wouldn’t be the same as seeing the fun choreography which gets people hyped. It’s the same in K-Pop. Whilst on the stage, the K-Pop acts focus more on the dance moves to put on said show. The idols can definitely sing (otherwise they wouldn’t have passed auditions in the first place) and I encourage you to check out some ballads if possible because they are usually also really nice to listen to. (My personal recommendation is Onew’s live performance of the Italian opera piece Nessum Dorma from SHINee’s Tokyo Dome concert – it’s incredible.)

    Whilst on the topic of choregraphy, the dance moves are choreogrpahed for each song. You’re seeing the same dance moves because that’s how they market them. Imagine if PSY did a different dance routine every time he performed Gangnam Style – the world would be in such a confused state! The dance moves are the same so people can learn them and identify the song. Heck, they sometimes re-use some dance moves in different songs so people can identify the group/choreographer! Also, imagine if the choregrapher had to choreograph a new dance routine each performance… They’d be completely overworked!

    As for the bitchiness, some of it is indeed a publicity stunt. The idols work together and live in the same dorms for quite some time, especially when they’re just debuting. More often than not, the girls are quite close and friendly. Of course, this could work the other way too. Idols act friendly to each other in public but actually can’t stand their fellow members. For some, they just priortise being an idol over actual relationships.

    Sorry for this long comment! ;-; It was definitely a good post, but I thought I should clarify some things that maybe hadn’t been explained thoroughly before. ^^”

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    1. First of all, thank you for your comment! ๐Ÿ˜€ I am an amateur in what comes to Kpop so I do really like these kind of comments! It really is appreciated ๐Ÿ˜€

      Completely agree with you! I think thought that the west psychology is a little different when it comes to music nowadays! Is like you said, 90’s boys (and girls) bands were like that, but more than ever people in the West is looking for originality and different ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I did said the good parts of the “manufacturing” from the Kpop. As everything there are goods and bads about it! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thank you for the recomendation! Yeah, I completely agree with you on this one! Is like you said and I also mentioned! Nobody gets to where idols are without being able to sing! Being good looking is not enough in the slightest, moreover idols do need to know how to dance! Nevertheless I just think about Pink who is able to do acrobatic things during her shows and sing completely live without even failing a note… I know, she is a goddess, but well that’s what I’m expecting for someone who is winning millions with their work xD

      Yeah, that’s what I was speaking off. Those brand moves have to be there! Kpop uses those dance moves to make people like the song more, so it would just be stupid if they took them out on live performances! But I think they could change a little bit while using the main dance moves the same way! I understand the part of overworked… But as I said in the previous paragraph… If you want to be the best of the best I’m waiting for you to give 200% all the time xD Nevertheless, of course I’m telling about some performances here and there, I’m not speaking of changing each performance in a tour, that wouldn’t work in the slightest of course and it’s completely normal to repeat all shows in the tour xD

      Yeah, but that’s what happens when you live in a culture where you need to be the best of the best to succeed… It just makes you to become way more competitive than other type of more easy-going cultures ๐Ÿ˜›

      Don’t say sorry! I really love these kind of long posts! It means I did my job and people want to share their points of view xD That’s why I blog in the first place, to speak with the community xD Again, I’m an amateur towards Kpop and this comment is really wel appreciated! ^^

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  3. Great post! That’s probably why I couldn’t get deep into Kpop because I feel like the music all sound the same. It’s like all songs and even the dance moves all go by the same formula and there’s just not as much variety.

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    1. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€ Well, yeah, I think contrary to the west where you have all these kind of different pop music and different ways of putting it. For example trying to compare last album from Miley Cirus with the last album from Rihanna or Beyonce wouldn’t really make much sense since the music seems completely different! So, unless you like more “dancy” music then Kpop really will not suffice for you ๐Ÿ˜›


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