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Arthifis’ Featured Blogger of the Month: TriformTrinity

Hi guys and welcome our place! 😀

FINALLY I’m starting this! Sorry for the delay, but you know… First I got addicted to League of Legends all over again, then I was tired like I’ve not been sleeping for ages and well… a month past xD

Other thing is… Clearly that thumbnail still needs some work!!! Hope that during this month I have some time to work on it and that next month the thumbnail is at 100% next time around.

If you don’t remember, I made the announcement in my 200 Followers post that I was going to start helping smaller bloggers by making a review (always a good one of course) of them 🙂 At the moment anyone who is under 100 WordPress Followers is eligible to this, so if you have anyone that you think that it should be featured next month tell me next month! 😛 I have this reasoning because the idea is to bring them inside the WordPress Blogging Community and email followers do not really count for that.

200 followers thumbnail

A disclaimer for the people who I am reviewing, sorry for reading your posts and don’t give any like or comment. The idea is for this to be surprise… However, if you don’t have many daily views I will give it all way because you will get a lot of views from Portugal in a certain day… But, well, let me live in the dream that you really don’t know that this is going to happen okay?

Arthifis Exhibit Hall try my best.gif

Today I bring you someone who I picked because of his personality (honestly!). I’ve met him not that long ago and we just clicked I think and I just love to receive a comment or a tweet from him! Of course I believe that he is a good blogger and that you should follow him, if not that I wouldn’t be talking about his blog xD Today, I’ll be reviewing:


Triform Trinity

First a little bit about story! TriformTrinity first post was back in Oct 2016 and he had a blog before this one. So basically he is a veteran at blogging and that really comes out in his writing.  He did have some hiatus in the middle of these 2 past years, but in August last year (I would say) he started to write with more consistency. Now, of course, with 2 years in blogging he does have a lot of email followers and in reality he ends up being WAY bigger than me!

As someone who have been blogging for a long time his blog have changed his tone now and then and at this moment his main focus is in gaming by writing news, reviews, opinions and last, but not the lest some collabs now and then!

As I already told you, TriformTrinity writing is really well-done and consistent! If you are opening one post of his you know that the writing will be on point! This way, contrary to giving you my favorite posts from his blog I’ll be giving you some examples inside each category I wrote above.



If you want to know what is happening inside the gaming industry Trinity is the one to follow! All of his news’ posts are written in an informal way which makes you feel closer to him. Other thing I love about how he writes these is that he will give you a lot of links for you to easily access to the focus of those news and see it for yourself. Also, contrary to other bloggers he always gives you what is happening first and then shares his thoughts about it! It really is a great way of writing and something that I would be terrible at! Some examples are:

warcraft 3 reign of chaos.jpg

Warcraft 3 Upgrade

overwatch support breast cancer .png

New Skin To Support Breast Cancer in Overwatch Mini Event


However, his blog is not only about telling you what’s happening, but also gives some reviews about games from the old to the new. It’s always funny to see people writing reviews that go in a completely different route than the ones you write and that’s what happens with TrinityTriform and me. While I always have the same structure, Trinity prefers to go in a route that feels more a conversation than a review. Some examples are:

Mirror Edge Catalyst.jpg

Mirror Edge Catalyst

Final Fantasy XV.jpg

Final Fantasy XV

Dark Cloud.jpg

Dark Cloud



But that’s not all! He also have time to think on different topics and write opinion texts about them. These are my favorite to be honest. Until today he was able to grasp great topics to discuss and I will, someday, steal those ideas and give my own opinion (sorry, but well… I will also let you steal some ideas of mine ok?). So, this one I have two examples:


Platform Wars

A great article about the gaming platform wars! Are you team Ps, XBox, Mobile, Pc Master Race? It really doesn’t matter!


A Masterpiece

A really thoughtful article about what makes a masterpiece, what IS a masterpiece and then some examples from all sort of entertainment! From books to gaming 🙂



But WAIT! There is still more! I really don’t understand how this people is able to do so much with their blogs! He has also a few collabs here in there! The ones I’ve read was with Kim from Later Levels and basically what they do is discuss a topic between themselves like a conversation! 🙂 I think it’s a great way to collab, specially when the topics are always so interesting. In this one I’ll just share on example:


Gaming Gripes – Are Video Games Bad For Us?

A great collab discussing something that us gamers are now used to hear from now and then. Are video games really bad for us? I’m in the team of “if not in excess it’s great for us!” 😀



If you are into gaming this is a must follow! TrinityTriform has been doing this for some time now and that shows completely in his writing! It’s amazing how ge is able to put his personal note in everything he writes in completely different ways of writing. I mean, a news post is completely different from a review which is completely different from an opinion text! So yeah, he’s great! But more than that, he is also a great and really polite guy! But well, when someone is from the country with the highest rate of happiness (Denmark) people tend to be that way!

Arthifis Exhibit Hall Denmark.gif
Dane people every single day!

Now talking to you Trinity, I hope you enjoyed this little review of your blog and I really hope that this helps you to get more WP followers! This community is so great that we just need you in here!!!

To everyone again, hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll try to do this a monthly thing! Don’t forget to tell me any blogs that you would like to see features (it can be your own) and, more importantly, don’t forget to follow TriformTrinity!

As Trinity says: Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

Arthifis Exhibit Hall Bye Anime.gif


11 thoughts on “Arthifis’ Featured Blogger of the Month: TriformTrinity”

  1. I uh…I have no words. This is a really nice gesture you have done and it’s an honor to be the first in this new series of yours. You have pointed out some things I didn’t even notice myself, yet it also makes it an interesting perspective as to how it conveys for others to perceive when reading them through.

    I’m still working on a few posts that is behind schedule but I will make time to do a small thing, so stay tuned later on Twitter for what will come your way mate.

    There are already a few candidates I can think of in terms of some who should have you looking at them with a keen eye through the magnifying glass (makes you like the new Sherlock Holmes in a way).
    Stay Cozy and keep on being the great person you are Arthifis!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. After that video in the woods I’m the one who don’t have words! Also, where do you live and can I come live with you? I want to be near those kind of woods too!!!

      Oh you really don’t have to do anything!!! The idea is not to give you work, it’s to celebrate your marvelous blog! 😀 So yeah, no need to do anything! The twitter was more than enough! 😀

      Well if you have don’t forget to share it with me so I can also “review” their blogs xD

      Thank you, you too! Oh, well I don’t know if I am, but thank you for the kind words! I’m going to find a rock now to die of blushing too much 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nah, this is something I should use to make more. It’s a sign that what I’m doing is working in a way, and for you to do this makes it apparent that it’s the right path I’m walking.

        I still live in Denmark, just in one of the cities. It’s a forest that takes like 30 minutes to walk before you get lost and it suddenly takes two hours before you’re home again.

        I’ll send you a PM for who the candidates I’m thinking of that could be taken a look at. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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