25 thoughts on “Blog Update | Going in a Full Fledged Hiatus”

  1. I’m not too sure what you mean by “your posts are in a blog roll”. The navigation of your site is pretty okay, it isn’t cluttered or has too many things going on. Which can bog down or even be off putting for visitors to your blog. That’s the biggest mistake a lot of bloggers do, over load their blog. That’s just me though. Cool, will look forward in seeing your revamped site.

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    1. Thank you! 😛 But I think there is a lot I need to improve!
      For example there are posts that I don’t even know where they are in the website xD and with blog roll I mean that if you enter in my website you will get all my posts arranged by the time they came out, I want to make easier for people to find what they are looking for xD

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      1. Thank you for the help eheh xD But not quite right 😛 I’m trying to go for working more with pages and less with the categories, tags and so on xD It will be more “static” but if everything goes as I have in my head it will be pretty awesome!

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      2. Oh okay then xDD. Well whatever you have cooked up, it will be interesting :D.
        If you ever want to add more to your repertoire then let me know on how you want to do it.

        (they’re not there anymore btw)

        image 1:

        image 2:

        image 3:

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      3. Oh scratch that Art, use the image widget and then link back to the cate you want. It’s that simple, XDD 9 yrs and I just worked it out now xDD. Well I never used it .. but still xDD

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