17 thoughts on “The Last Update – Let’s talk about… Money!”

  1. Way to go! Hope it works out for you. Let me know when you decide to stream and I’ll try to hop on. Been streaming since January, and I’m glad others in our community are taking that step!

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    1. Thank you! 😀 I’ll probably start streaming next month… I still need to figure out a schedule because I don’t really know how is that going to work >.<

      What do you normally stream? Maybe we could then start streaming together from times to times xD


      1. Hmmm that wouldn’t work for me! 😀 Portugal is, at the moment, 5 hours later than Eastern Time, so that would mean way too late for me >.< Ugh I hate time zones!!!


      2. Ah too bad. Yeah, I thought that might be an issue. Maybe I can try an earlier time slot now and then? 🤔 What days of the week do you think you’ll be streaming?

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      3. I’m thinking doing regularly mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays. Depending on the time I have free I will also do on weekends from time to time 🙂


      4. Wow, more power to you! I tried doing six days a week, but ultimately found it took too much time away from the blog…

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      5. To be honest I already play every single day xD the only difference is that I’ll be streaming instead of only playing xD I won’t be doing loooong streams, but well that’s what I can manage for now xp


    1. I think it’s the way you do it honestly! 😀 I see affiliate links as ways for you be able to do advertisement, but you chose what to show and where in the blog to show! 😀 Which is way better that the WordPress advertisements 😛

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