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My 2 Cents Regarding Tanacon

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

Today you get to know my ultimate guilty pleasure which is… *Drum roll*… DRAMA! But I mean raw, non-produced drama! Like… Tanacon! But the thing is, I love drama in a way where I watch what is supposed to be a beef or something dramatic and then make my own rational thoughts about it!  Brave yourselves! This going to be a LONG post! There is way too many wrong things done for me to discuss! But hey, I put a lot of gifs to compensate that okaaaay? ❤

what happened in tanacon drama
I’m also a pretty dramatic person to be honest!

For the ones who watch Youtube or follow some of the biggest Youtubers you all know what is Tanacon and everything what happened in it. For the ones who stay away from Youtube and don’t know what the hell is this all about, let me explain it to you with a brief summary.

Tanacon was the way of Tana Mongeau (a Youtuber that is now popular) to give her middle finger to VidCon for not giving her a Featured Creator Pass, which means, she was not invited to one of the biggest events regarding YouTube. Because of this she thought well, if I can’t go there I’m just going to make my own event (for free) where everyone can meet all of their creators in an easier way than VidCon and with less rules! This idea, of course, is to have her fans to meet her even if she doesn’t go to Vidcon. And, well, if you are a naive 13 year teenager you will bite this, but if you are 25-year-old adult like me you can clearly see that she is only doing this for her own good. But, ok, I’ll spill the tea in a second, let me finish explaining what happened.

what happened in tanacon spilling the tea
Look at me being a millenial

Well, it seems that her team, the company they hired and herself thought it was a good idea to do all this in a venue by a walking distance from Vidcon and at the same days. Moreover, contrary to what you would think, you didn’t even had to register in the website to get those free passes, no! You just had to go to the event, enter in line and enter the event… A free Youtuber convention… Walking distance from Vidcon… And you don’t even have to claim a ticket… You just need to walk by and enter. What the hell it was in their heads? Of course, something that completely helped was for them to sell 5000 premium tickets and went to a venue which only was able to get 1000 people? What the hell?

Long story short, it didn’t go well (how could it?). There were people who bought 65$ premium tickets just to be in a line, at the sun, with no kind of food or water, for 5-6 hours! I mean, it’s just a Justin Bieber concert, right? Well, it went really bad and started to have riots, the kids were now screaming for a refund, everyone was mad (I mean, passing 5-6 hours in the sun really distresses people) and, in the end, the event got canceled.

what happened in tanacon stupid decisions
Probably their phrase when coming up with Tanacon

I’ve watched a bunch of people who I think are honest and objective about their opinions on the matter such as Jenna Marbles, Pewdipie and Philip DeFranco and of course I also entered in the hyper of the great ,almost documentary, video of what happened from Shane. I could talk about this video, but for now I’m giving him some slack. Maybe another day I will talk about the things I don’t like about this so well produced video from Shane, but it’s true that it seems real TV and is one of the best produced videos I’ve watched in YouTube (at least for free).

Let’s go and talk about my opinion, shall we?

– The Event –

It is a no brainer to see that an event for 5000 + is not going to go well when you try to do it in one month. I’m sorry, but it just not going to happen! Clearly Tana didn’t know the gigantic logistics an event has to have to be built! I mean, if it was that easy VidCon would just happen every month! They would have the public for all of them!

what happened in tanacon audience

But, there is even more to that which would make the event fail even with 1 year of preparation. The free tickets! I mean, you are giving away free tickets at the entrance for a venue that has a maximum capacity? Could you explain the thought process on this? Because, I don’t really get it! I just did an event completely free some months ago and people had to register themselves! Why? Because we had 300 seats and couldn’t fill more than that!

The second part is, of course, doing the event on a venue that doesn’t even have the capacity for the tickets you sold, let’s not even talk about those who will just “walk by” because it’s free! Of course this would make such a big line and make people wait for hours and hours to get inside.

what happened in tanacon event
Which of course that was what happened

I know, there were more problems in there, such as the gift bags, lack of security, no shade/food & drink stands near the line, but all of those seem to me they were lacking because everything was made in such short notice, so yeah, huge problems, but I understand why.

Now, something that people have been discussing is, who is at fault in this? Tana (When I say Tana I’m including her team), or Good Times. The answer is easy! Both of them! Let’s start with Tana:

– Tana Mongeau –

So… Have you ever saw vlogs from people who really work hard and want to do everything perfect? Like Lilly Singhs (a.k.a. IISuperwomanII) or Coleen (a.k.a. Miranda Sings). Noticed a difference between them and Tana? Yeah, if they did something of the sort, which they wouldn’t because they are not so narcissist as Tana, they would be working for 24 hours! Yes they have a team, yes they would hire an events’ company, but since they are the Client and major deciders, they would be always around to help and make decisions, which is, basically, their job! Well, what Tana did? She went to Haway in a vacation weeks before the event! I, mean… Are you dumb? So, you want to throw a gigantic event, something to compete with Vidcon, like those kind of things that if it goes wrong it can just finish your career, and you go in vacations weeks before? I’m sorry, but you dear Tana, don’t deserve the fans you have!

what happened in tanacon tana
There… I said it!

You can call me hater if you want… But, I’m just being honest and fair! If that’s how you treat your fans, then you don’t deserve any of them… Unless they are masochist, but that’s another story.

Talking about fans… Something that every Youtuber says is that Tana was coming from a good place! She wanted to do something right, but that went wrong! But, guess what! I’m not a huge Youtuber who needs to say those kind of things! I’m just a no-one who can say anything he wants!

What Tana said was that she was doing Tanacon for her fans. Well, not even for a second I believed that and… It seems I was right! She did this for her own narcissist personality! To be adored by her fans, to say that she was able to do something as good as Vidcon. To say “F you Vidcon! I can do the same you do!”

But… What was she doing in the night where thousand of her fans were sad in their homes, or hotel rooms (probably crying)? She was dancing and enjoying her birthday… What the hell? The question is… Why? I mean, even if you didn’t gave a crap about it, why did you thought that was a good idea? Even if you only did this for your own good and no one else, this is just a bad business decision when you are an entertainer… I just don’t get it!

what happened in tanacon dumb
I don’t want to be mean… But… Really…

Now, there is only one last thing that I want to talk about. This one is just my particular opinion and you may agree or not. But, well, she already appeared in Shane’s last video and, of course, this time she burst in tears saying “I’m sorry!”. Of course, When this blows up in her face and see that many fans are just mad  at her she gets upset. Well, to be honest, you should have been upset at the end of your first day! Not now, but in that day! I don’t really understand if she’s crying because she let down Shane, her fans, or because she is seeing her career going down the drain…

But, what I want to talk is what we can see in when they show “in the next episode” kind of thing. She is talking with the guys from Good Times, in front of the camera… Which for me completely blows my mind! That’s not how you do business! That’s what you do when you want views and milk money from this incident, but okay… I’m not even going to enter into this… The thing I want to talk about is that she is crying most of the time in that footage.

what happened in tanacon tana crying
I mean… Really?

Really, what the hell? That’s not what you are supposed to do business with someone! If something goes wrong in my job I don’t seat with my boss crying my heart out… I have yet to see the video when it comes out, but I’m not expecting much from her… Basically, while the guy from the company seems to be saying some things that make sense business wise, she seems to just use her tears to get the compassion from the fans and this way be able to come up on top, which for me… Is ridiculous! I’m sorry, but from a business perspective this is just ridiculous. You can argue that she is not a business woman, which I would disagree but ok, but even if that is true, then she wouldn’t be the one having this conversation, it should be the person in her team who is in charge of business decisions and meetings, like her manager.

– Good Times –

First of all the company should just say “I’m sorry, this is just not possible we can’t do this job with you!”. Something you should know is that there are good clients and bad clients. And well, you just don’t want to do business with bad Clients. In fact companies will try to stop doing business with you if you are seen as a bad consumer! It happens eve more when you are a Business to Business kind of company. But, well, probably Tana (and her team) just went from company to company until they found one who would give them a positive answer.

what happened in tanacon good times

Next, I just want to give my opinion about something every Youtuber have been saying. A Guy with 21 years old should not be doing such a large event… My question is, why not? He started the business with 17 years old while in Highschool! It’s not like he didn’t have any kind of experience! Yes, this went terribly wrong, but I don’t think his age is the problem in here! There are many 21 years old that would manage this! In fact I’m pretty sure that I know some of them who studied with me in my business degree if they got the chance (probably, not in one month though)! No, the problem here was bad management decisions!

First of all, the venue. So, one of the things he is saying to save his bottom is that the hotel was the one stating that they had space for 5.000 people. First of all, even if they had space for 5.000 people you would need a space for even more people because of the terrible decision of having free tickets at the entrance of the event without any kind of way to manage how many people would in fact come. You would need space for way more than that. Second, how THE HELL did you book a venue without someone of your team going there and see the space itself? I mean… Are you dumb? Or even if you did check the space, how the hell didn’t you clearly see that there was no possible way to have 5.000 people in there? So, yeah, terrible management right here that even a beginner would think about.

what happened in tanacon stupid
Again… Are you dumb?

Next, you blame Tana for not helping you and giving you guidance, which is true when it comes to guidance and making decisions, BUT you are the event company. Everything that is about logistic is on you! You are the one managing it, so you are the one pulling the triggers on that one. You stating that you were going from venue to venue crying while trying to find somewhere to host the event in the next day while Tana was partying means nothing to me. Yeah, she should be there, for her fans and for her brand, not to do your job! If you are the event company you are the one going and finding the best venues that you can find. Tana’s job is to receive a list of venues and say which one she prefers.

Everything else I blame in the poor decision of creating this in one month and having a venue that doesn’t even manages the tickets you actually sold. Things like security, not having food and drinks (I mean, the money some people could have made with that) outdoors and all the rest comes from doing an event like this with no time at all.

– Conclusion –

I could say “no hate”, but in truth is, I’m not happy with what passed down in Tanacon! I think it was completely inconsiderate to the fans! I’m sorry, but just because you have millions of followers do not make you better than anyone else! And yes, I hate people who are inconsiderate to others, especially when we are talking to mostly young teenagers who reveer you and spent thousands of dollars to see you! Not something I would do, but I understand the differences between our cultures!

what happened in tanacon being honest
You know that I am always honest here in the blog!

Everything was a mess at Tanacon and I blame both parties here!

One because clearly she was not doing this for her fans and completely went with “I want revenge”, she could go way lower and just host an event featuring her to her fans. I mean, the freaking thing is called Tanacon!

Secondly, Good Times should have never, ever picked this job! It’s common sense that it wouldn’t work out! I mean, events always have a ton of problems you are not expecting, even the smallest ones! So, how you though pulling a 5.000+ people event in one month just completely makes my head hurt. This, combined with poorly business decisions and not checking things to the fullest led to the worst case scenario! And well, I’m not even going to talk about the people not being able to get their refunds at all…

what happened in tanacon refund

I just can’t believe the only thing that happened was a girl fainting! This could have become something disastrous! So, they did have some luck in there! (Thank god! For the fans! I would be sad if something worse had happened!)

Oh and just a side note! I find it laughable that Tana got so butt-hurt of not being a featured content creator in VidCon… I’m sorry, but what would you expect? You decided that it was a good idea to just go and meet your fans in the middle of the event while the rules at VidCon clearly forbid that? You know that there is a reason for that right? The moment you do that there will be hundreds, if not thousands of young girls and boys running towards you! Do you know how crazy dangerous that is?

Well, there it is… As the youngest say nowadays, I’ve spilled my tea! (Look at me trying to be millennial!) What do you think about what happened regarding Tanacon? Tell me in the comments!

what happened in tanacon end

See You Soon! 😀

18 thoughts on “My 2 Cents Regarding Tanacon”

  1. Oh I love this. I have been wanting to rant about this whole Tanacon thing.
    I had never even heard of Tana before this whole thing happened. I found out about it through Julien and Jenna’s podcast (❤ those two) and of course Pewdiepie and the Shane video.
    I went down the dumb side of Youtube to check this 20 year old girl out…and my goodness is she a rude, dumb dogfilter using snapchat chick.
    Such an idiot. I refuse to call her a woman because she is clearly a little girl.
    I mean okay, you are angry at vidcon for what happened. That is fine you can be angry. But the way she dealt with it. Creating her own con, near vidcon on the same weekend with a company you don’t even know.

    Tana is an idiot, she obviously has the worst team because a good team would have said…”Tana you are an idiot. Don’t do it.”

    The company GoodTimes are idiots because they should not have started it in the first place. I understand this Michael, the CEO of the company, is a fan of her and wants to make it work. But you have got to face reality here.

    Both parties are in the wrong and I seriously hope Tana gets a smack in the face. Because I have this feeling she thinks apologizing will fix everything.

    I also agree that a smart grown up would never even think about going to Tanacon.

    I loved reading your opinion on this matter and I am quite curious to see what she will say and do in Shane’s 3rd video.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahah I’m glad you were, since this was what I was hoping when I wrote this post 😀

      I don’t really follow Julien, but I love Jenna Marbles! The thing I like more about her is, although being one of the most popular youtubers out there, which was able to mantain and grow her community throughout the years, she stayed grounded and humble!

      As you, I also didn’t know about her… I think she did some kind of controversial s*** somewhere in the road, but I don’t really remember.

      Yes, I completely agree with you in that on… I didn’t want to enter that path because, well that was not really the time and I only wanted to talk about Tanacon, but yes. Her content is not really what I would look for (or let my kids watching). But, well there is taste to everything and I’ll leave it there xD

      Maybe I don’t understand the fan thing because I’m not american, maybe it is just me… But, when you have a business… Are you really going to do something that you know it won’t go well because you are fangirling over someone? I mean, I’m from business and I work in marketing. For example, when I was working at one company, there was a possibility for a huge Portuguese singer to start working for us and well… No-one in there really started fangirling over it… It’s business and as anyone out there, there was a meeting (and I don’t know the end of it because I left before that happened XD)

      I also hope Tana gets at least a little scare about losing her fan base. I don’t want anything bad happening to her, but I think it’s important for her to come down from the sky and become a little more humble and taking more into account her fans.

      I’m also really curious, but I think she will just cry and try blame the company for all of it!


      1. Oops, maybe I explained myself poorly, sorry! I’m not saying that all americans are like that! I just think that there are most this “wow” factor when it comes towards celebrities in the America 🙂

        And I don’t even think that fangirling is bad, I’m way too open-minded to say that is a bad or a good thing xD

        But, yes, don’t worry! I know that there are also people in America who don’t really get amazed by being a celebrity or popularity xD

        And, of course, there are many people out there who have extremely good business sense xD


      2. Whoops I pressed enter too quickly. Like you I am not American either, I’m from the Netherlands. I also get the feeling we handle things in a different way regarding what its like to be a fan when you are European 😂

        But I agree that not all fans are the samen, you definitely have your dumb fans and smart fans.

        Also Jenna is lovely! She is my age and completely down to Earth even though a big YouTube star, I love it. Such a smart woman ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. My knowledge of this pretty much all comes form watching videos on it with my kids. Mostly the Shane Dawson one. Honestly, I have little interest in Tana herself. What little I’d seen of her wasn’t entertianing in my eyes, and she did nothing to make me take any further interest in her. From what I’ve seen and read on this though …
    You can get some lee-way when it comes to venue size. There are ways to fit in more than the advertised capacity and still remain safe. You always have to consider stuff like that and make sure that you know how to get more people in than you’re planning for.
    I get the impression that Tana lumped a lot of stuff on Good Times with little warning too, which wouldn’t have helped them. IMO, she should have been hands on, at least when it was appropriate. Yes, the company would do the majority of the work, that’s their job, but she could have done more to ensure things went well.
    The whole things just seems like a mess. It needed a longer planning period, a larger venue, and more hands to keep things moving.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Completely agree with you! And normally, the capacity is always advertised a little less than it’s full capacity. However, from 1000 to 5000 is way too many people. From there it’s already destined to go bad. But, then we also need to think about having a convention for free close to vidcon… Even if only 10% ends up passin in the event it would be almost an extra thousad…

      Completely agree with you! A thing like this she had to be there to make all the decisions, because that’s her job! Moreover, from what I’ve seen she was just adding things by Twitter without even warning the company. It’s just childish and of course Good Times couldn’t put everything she wanted.

      And, finally, I also agree with you! Everything was a mess! Never a month of planning would be enough to throw out such a huge convention.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I heard about this a event, but I was kind of confused on what is it about. So based on what I read, since this Tana Mongeau person was not invited to Vidcon, she wanted to do her own convention and make it less rules. However, it didn’t go as planned because there was no food and drinks and the building couldn’t hold a lot of people. I heard the VIP bags they gave out had condoms. This is not good planning. In a funny way, a convention needs order and rules to keep people in check.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, basically you got that right! Think about it as child throwing a tantrum and since I can’t play with them I’ll make my own play garden.

      Yeah, I didn’t talk about those. But, let’s see, the main audience of most of these Youtubers, especially the ones who go to convetions are teenage girls with 13 years old, so, why the hell put condoms in there? Sincererly it makes me mad! That’s not what you want to be teaching to a 13 year old… But, well maybe I just have a tradionalist point of view on this one…

      I completely think that a convention needs rules, especially when 80% of the audience is going to fangirl all the time and will pass over anyone to be able to talk with their special Youtube Creator. Without rules everything would just be mad!

      I continue to think that she should just have done a small meet and greet with their fans in a smalle venue where she would have more control over all of it….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It sounds like an epic fail on her part. I think she is trying to think like an expert, but in the end, she ended up messing up everything and wasting people’s time. I wonder who’s bright idea to give everyone condoms.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I hadn’t heard of this Tana or Tanacon before. But come on, one month? You can barely throw a decent family party in a month, let alone a huge event. Especially one with free tickets. There are red flags, and there are whole parades of red flags with sirens going off and people marching with “THIS WILL NOT END WELL!” signs. I feel bad for the people who paid, but everyone takes some blame here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I completely agree with you. But, well, I’m trying to give some slack to the people who went there since they are young teenagers that thought the venue at least would be able to have so many people in there 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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