31 thoughts on “Build A Harem Tag | I’m the Prince of Course!”

  1. Haha…three times really is the charm it would seem. It’s now the third time I have been tagged for this lol. I’m honored really, and I am already working a bit on the post (mostly who I am going to select to be in my harem lol), but like you I never really watch harem animes, so I also have to look up some of the terms. But…no problem, I’m sure I will get it done eventually. As usual….I don’t know any of these characters (ughh…I feel such a noob at times), but I like your selection 😊 My post for this will be up somewhere in the weekend..and of course, thank you for the nomination 😀😀

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    1. I knew I was not the only one curtious about your tastes to a harem 😀

      Yeah, I also had to go and see the terms ahah Most of them I didn’t know what they meant ahah

      Well, Anime is a vast world so it’s just normal that you don’t know them all ahah I didn’t even go with the MOST famous at all 😛

      No problem eheh I’m eager to read it when it comes out 😀

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      1. Well….I am going to do some research, but I pretty much already have a few girls in mind for this one…and no I am not yet going to say which ones..not even a hint 😂😂😜

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    1. Ooooh, you did, comment me the link please! 😀

      Yeah, I thought in shouta, but aren’t shouta supposed to be 12-13 years old, not someone who is older that appears to be younger? >.<

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    1. I loved the Anime! 😀 Probably yhe manga is better though… Nevertheless… An Anime where you have a gay couple who just behave normally and have a normal relationship? Sign me in!

      Thank you eheh Glad you liked it!


  2. i have a brand new hentai anime or manga concept featuring a normal 31 year old man named Alex he meets a woman named Catherine she is a half human half demon she has dark brown skin very long black hair golden yellow glowing eyes she is gigantic in size and is very athletic she has super large breasts and a big ass she has fangs, claws, horns, a demonic tail, a longed forked tongue, pointed ears, and demonic wings she can also change into a normal human size at will or turn into her giant form at will she has superhuman senses, reflexes, speed, strength, and toughness along with superhuman intelligence she also has the ability to heal herself from any illnesses or injuries her mother is a human while her dad is a demon.

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