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Purchase of The Week! – K-on Merch

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

It’s a new week and that means new merch!!! The first post of the Horrible Anime Quest is already wrote and it’s about an Idol Anime. So, I thought, why not go for idols this week? However, of course, I won’t be giving you merch from that terrible Anime! 😀 First, I want it to be surprise. Second, who would go and buy merch from that show? So, I thought in a great Idol Anime and stick with it AND… Here it is! K-On Merch!!!!

K-On! Merchadising welcome

Last week I showed you some cool merch from Free! If you are interested you can see it here! Let’s Start and see what cool merch did I find in Amazon for K-On! 😀

– Europe –

Figure – Tsumugi Kotobuki Uniform Version

I found many figures in the Amazon, but this really got my interest! First of all, Tsumugi is just cute!!!!! The price is not too high for a figure and seems really well made. I went to the comments to see if everything was good and it seems people are really happy with it! It comes from Japan, but it seems to arrive inside the schedule. So, if you are a fan of K-On! and specially of Tsumugi, here’s a great figure for you to have! (Price: £39.58).

– Canada –

5th Anniversary Tainaka Ritsu SQ Figure

I know… I’m really going for the figures this week, but they all have such a reasonable price and seem to have a lot of quality and detail that I just have to show you these! This time we have a nice and cute figure of Ritsu! Again, price not high and with good quality! If you are a K-On! fan I highly recommend you to buy it! From the review it also seems that everything will come accordingly and with quality. (Price: CDN$ 31.05 – with free shipping).

– United States –

As usual, I have two different things for the States! I’m so kind, am I not? The thing is, one of the Merch that I’m going to share is really expensive and it only makes sense for the ultimate fans of the K-On!

K-ON! Blu-ray BOX [Limited Edition]

K-On Merch Limited Edition

This one is really for HUGE fans of K-On! It’s a limited Edition which contains the first season of K-On, along with some goods attached to it! You can see it in the picture, but I’ll tell you nevertheless 😀 First you have the 5 blue-rays with the images of the members from this awesome group band, then you also have some postcards, a really nice poster and an art book (at least that’s what it seems to be). You even have a calendar! However, it’s expensive! Not as expensive you would find in Play-Asia, but still… expensive! (Price: Used from $143.21, new from $232.63).

Banpresto K-ON SQ Figure – Ritsu Tainaka

And… Another figure! I’m sorry! But, they all just seem so good!!!!! >.< This time is Ritsu, but playing the drums! Again, good quality and the design seems really good! In fact, most of the times people just buy the 3 figures of the set in one go!

Take notice that the reviews for this one are not as perfect as the ones I showed for Europe and Canada. But, it seems that the biggest problem is the difficulty of assembling her. However, I know you are smart and handy people! XD (Price: from $30.56 with shipping, just see all the prices because you can buy them in second-hand too).

And that’s what I have for you this week! What do you think about those items? Do you love them, do you hate them? Tell me! Another thing, if you enter Amazon through this link and you end up purchasing another item don’t feel bad! Amazon takes into account any kind of purchases made by you during the session where you entered using my links 🙂 (So, if you go there and end up buying the bundle I talked about I’ll get a fee from that price and not only the character you clicked here at our place :D)

K-On! Merchadising end

See You Next Week 😀

6 thoughts on “Purchase of The Week! – K-on Merch”

  1. Have to say that the limited edition boxed sets for anime shows are getting more and more impressive. I bought the season 1 limited box for My Hero Accademia and that ons was just so cool. Some great items in this post for sure 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahah I agree with you! Though you do have to have some money to buy them xs 200 dollars is way too much for my wallet ahah xD thank you! I do try to bring interesting goodies for us all eheh

      Liked by 1 person

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