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Dynamic Chord Review – Dynamic Only in Its Name | The Horrible Anime Quest Starts

Oopsie daisy! This post is no longer here! You can read it at our new place Anime Shelter here!

10 thoughts on “Dynamic Chord Review – Dynamic Only in Its Name | The Horrible Anime Quest Starts”

  1. Lol…I so want to see this anime right now…I can hardly wait. In fact I am going to stop watching everything I’m currently watching just to check this out. Going to bingewatch it and not even sleep…who needs sleep, that’s so overrated. And never mind that I have to go to work tomorrow…this masterpiece MUST be seen, right now.
    Lol…even if it would have been decent, I would not have started watching this. I like your idea though: Definitely would be interested in reading solutions to make these bearable (although how you would be able to fix this mess of a show is a task that is daunting to say the least 😂😂).

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    1. The stupidiest thing is I was believing you in the beginning ahahah 😀 But, I thought you were saying this because it was so bad that you just had to see it! XD
      Maybe I’ll give it a go ahahah my difficulty at the moment is to try to find a schedule to put all the series that I want to do… I don’t want to spam everyone lolol

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      1. Well trust me on this: your posts are never spam, they always entertain…so I would not worry about that: I say keep them coming!!
        Haha…yeah…I like being sarcastic at times…sorry about that 😂😂

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