34 thoughts on “Arthifis’ Classroom: Getting More Google Hits! – Third Class”

  1. I’ve read all three of these so far and they are amazing, and so very helpful! I learned about a bunch of things I wasn’t aware of, such as slugs. Never really knew what they were, but now that I do, I can use them! Thank you so much.

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      1. You’re welcome!! I’m excited to try out the new stuff that I learned. 😀 I’m always on the look-out for advice on ways to improve my blog as well as myself as a content creator, so I’m very grateful for people like you who take the time to share tips and things. It means a lot to me.

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  2. Thank you for the really informative posts. I’ll be sure to try to incorporate all these sweet techniques to my blog posts from now on (and also try to re-SEO my previous blog posts, but that’s probably gonna take some time :P).

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    1. Thank you for the comment! Makes me really happy that you found it helpful xP

      Yeah don’t stress too much about it at the moment eheh just go and start applying them to the new posts xP to be honest my older posts are not really done for seo either ahah


    1. Ahah it also happened to me in the beginning! But after changing All of the older posts excerpts (for the blog design) I don’t forget it anymore! It was way too pain in the butt to go and do it again xD

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  3. Man, I sure am glad you offered this crash course; there were several things you brought up to achieve search engine optimization that I’m really not doing, I do have a question, though, sensei.

    I typically just title my reviews with the name of the series. Is it worthwhile to add “review” to the hyper link if I also already have it tagged “anime review”, or would doing that be negligible/counterproductive?

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    1. Thank you so much! 😀 I’m really glad that it helped you! 😀

      That’s a great question and in this case it’s better to add in both. I understand what are you trying to say because Google penalizes duplicated things. However, in here we are talking about two different things. One thing is the hyperlink which should be easiy readable to the persn (Google bot likes that) and then you are talking about tags which have two different objectives -> making easier to your readers to easily access all posts under that tag and make your post show up in the WordPress reader if someone types your tag.

      I completely forgot to talk about tags and categories >.< I will do it so this friday since it's something important to talk about 😀

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    1. Oh I can number a great amount of things I can’t do: Drawing, singing, programming, build a time machine, painting, read and comment all posts in WordPress! Oh there’s a zilion of things I can’t do! XD But thank you for the comment it made me smile and feel warm inside xD

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      1. Haha…never say never…who knows. When Irina invents that time machine, she will teach you how to build one, and you can work on all those things you can’t do at the moment 😂😂

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      2. Ooooh don’t worry! Irina is way too Canadian to start a tantrum… I hope (?) I love how we are having a cross conversation between two posts thoughs ahah

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  4. seo’s not really my thing, but i spend a lot of time on optimizing page loads. i personally like to use pingdom tools rather than page speed insights because it breaks down the DOM objects and shows a waterfall of how they’re loaded. that tends to be useful for picking out what’s slowing down the page load. i tend to be more strict when it comes to images, so i wont use any that are larger than 300kb. one thing that helps is creating a copy of the image at a smaller size and linking to the full size image. there are html tags that can reduce the size of an image, but those dont actually compress the image.

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    1. Those are great tips! The only thing I do is making pictures lighter with photoshop! I’m trying to also try doing the “using another sever” kind of thing. I’m using Imgur at the moment, but I’ll try your idea cause it seems way better! 😀 Thank you for your tips! I love to learn new things to improve my blog eheh

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      1. i would suggest looking into a cdn over using imgur to host your images. you might not run into trouble, but imgur’s ToS specifically points out that you shouldnt use the site to host image libraries. cdns are probably more optimized for this particular purpose as well.

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    1. Yes, in fact it doesn’t use any space at all. The picture is placed in another place and the HTML is just getting the pic from that source! 🙂

      I’ll be doing a post about that next week, explaining all steps and where you can store your images 🙂

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  5. Cool stuff, I think I read your first and second classes too, quite interesting. It’s too bad that I’m not doing any guest blogging since I’m awful at maintaining quality, sometimes I’m like, ‘meh whatever, clicks publish and runs away’. I could really get some help with links to my blog though!

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    1. Oh thank you so much!! It makes me happy to read that eheh

      Well, to be honest I also don’t do much guest blogging! Only now I’m starting doing collabs. The same reason as yours, I also just click publish and run! I don’t really do much background check and only write from the top of my head ahah

      Well, awards is a nice way to have links and of course social media! 😀

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  6. Good post :D. I tried doing a post like this back in 2015. Needless to say, not many were interested. So I didn’t continue with it. Have to admit though, this is way more interesting and more appealing than mines XDD.

    Just to point something out Art – when it comes to titles, it’s okay to have a catchy title, but don’t mislead or use “click bait” titles. Respect your readers, tell them what to expect. For instances I always use a catchy title, the title used is a contained self referencing, followed by the anime name and what it is – a first impression or a review. That way they don’t get this grand expectation or going in blind, not knowing as to what your blog post is actually about. They should know what they are getting.

    With excerpts, I’m kind of lazy with. Sometimes I use them, at times I don’t XDD. Not surprising many don’t use it. In the words of judge “I prefer snails over slugs” xDD. And he actually said that. But yeah change the slug to make it more friendly. Blogger only allows you to change it once, WP you can change it many times. Well the last time I went on blogger, it allowed me to change it once. I use imgur and flickr for my images. A bit weary now that smug mug has acquired flickr. As for formatting, well you’ve seen my post(s) XDD.

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    1. loool thank you so much~! And don’t say that! I’m sure that yours were also great eheh

      Oh yes, completely agree with you! Moreover because it’s important to have those keywords in the title! But, well… I just though that everyone knew that? I mean, what is the point of misleading your readers? xD They will just click away, right?

      Ahahah well, I was too… But after having to write to all my 200 posts because of the design changes I did, I promised myself I wouldn’t pass it anymore xD

      Never used Blogger… Is it cool? I mean, I’m already so into WordPress that I don’t think I will try it out, but it’s always nice to know more about other platforms eheh

      loool your design is not that bad! I really like the colouring! I’m never able to make orange work as you do xD However, I do insert way more images 😀 I’m always afraid that people get sick of my writing without “cleaning” their eyes from time to time ahah

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