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So…. I Did My First Stream :’D

Hi guys and welcome to our place!

I had to do this! It’s going to be a really short post, but well, this is so funny that I just had to share it with you!

As you know I’ve been wanting to start a Twitch and decided that I would go and play any game that came out in PS PLus. Since in July one of the games is Heavy Rain, which I’ve played and reviewed here I decided to go with the other free game – Absolver.

absolver stream.gif
This is the one!

So I came back home from work, installed the game, started broadcasting and tweeted about it! The stream was only for 1 hour, so of course it wasn’t really that much time to have many people. Nevertheless, there I was talking alone and playing a game that is really not my thing and I don’t know how to play it even if my life depended on it. This, of course being super uncomfortable, but trying to be funny at the same time!

The result? 2 people entered and I scared them right away because they left really quickly and then I had ONE viewer staying and I gave it my all! The thing is… I was using my account in the computer to watch the stream and see if everything was ok, so I don’t even know if that one person was not really myself! ahahah Basically I was explaining everything, trying to be funny and so on, but I’m almost certain no-one there!

Arthifis Twitch scaring viewers
How I imagine them!


So, yeah, I just ended the stream and started laughing alone because of how funny it was thinking of myself giving my maximum when the person watching was probably myself… Aaaaah, fun times! XD

Nevertheless, I’ll be back at it tomorrow! I’ll start the stream around 7p.m. British Summer Time if you are eager to cringe while watching me doing my best and failing xD You check my Twitch here!

Arthifis Twitch gone wrong

See You Soon! 😀

23 thoughts on “So…. I Did My First Stream :’D”

  1. Okay….see I rest my case here: There really is nothing that you can’t do. This proves my point pretty well doesn’t it? 😊😊 Seriously though….that still is pretty awesome. If you keep doing the same things that you are doing here: you will attract more people soon enough 😀😀

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    1. Oh if you saw me on the streaming you would see that I don’t know neither how to stream or play that game xD
      But well, as you said. I hope that with a lot of effort everything comes more naturally xP

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      1. It will…really have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Look at what you did with your blog, and how many followers you have that truly enjoy your content. That’s all on you man! That’s why I say: keep the faith. This new venture will go smoothly as well. And if not you can always ask Irina for that time machine 😉

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  2. I’ve always wanted to try streaming, but I’ve never been brave enough to actually do it, so well done for trying it out! I finish work around 6pm (GMT), so I maybe pushing it to catch the start of your stream, but I’ll definitely try and catch some of it tomorrow!

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    1. Really! Maybe we could try do it sometimes together! That way it would probably be easier for me and you to start it out! XD
      Oh thanks so much! I’ll tag you tomorrow in the tweet then xP I’ll do it until 8 so maybe you can watch the last part eheh

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      1. You’re welcome! If you’re doing it until 8, I should be able to catch some of it :). Teaming up together might be fun, especially if we don’t know what we are doing!

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  3. Oh cool! Now that I know the time I will definitely check it out (I have a Twitch account).
    Use to do livestreams with my younger sister (she’s does this on a daily basis and her boyfriend makes a living from livestreaming. So I guess they know what they are doing 😂).
    Awesome that you started it! In the beginning it takes time but don’t worry. Soon you will have loads of people watching!

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    1. Oh thank you so much~! 😀
      He does? That’s so awesome!!! I hope I’m able to do it one day! Can you give me your sis and her boyfriend ids so I can follow them? 😀
      Hope you are right! XD Although I would prefer that it takes some time so I can get used to it!

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      1. I’ve started following both eheh xD I think it’s a good way to make my own streams better is to watch people who do a good job, but aren’t also like the biggest of them all 😛

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  4. Oh, I can imagine this in my head. 😂 Well, if I remember it and figure out the time (it should be like 8 here? Or is it 6? Who knows. Google it! someone just shouted at me. Yes yes.) Anyway, I loved watching you do push ups because you are very entertaining to listen to so who cares if you don’t know how to play the game. Just talk and all’s well.

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    1. Ahahah it is one hour earlier I think! 😀 Unless you don’t have the summer time there and it would be 2 hours earlier xD

      Oh thank you so much~! ❤ Well, to be honest I already did another 2 streams and well… When I played Dragon Age Inquisition it was a little easier because I know the game way better xD


  5. That one person is most likely lurking, but it still counts to the analytics. As to what Flow said, you need to have gained a certain number of followers to be an affiliate with twitch.

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    1. I did the test again and yes, it’s me xD It’s my own account watching (I always use it to see if everything is ok since I’m streaming from my PS4)

      Yeah I know! I think it’s 50 xD But well, for now I’ll be ok just by improving my streaming eheh

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    1. Not really ahahah xD During the streaming you could see that I was unconfortable miles away ahah But by the end of it I thought about what I just had done and I had to laugh it out! 😀

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      1. Oh (Ahhh sorry!), I didn’t watch your stream (also I realized that would be 3am my time, which I probably would miss it and the tweet notification both).
        Are your videos saved after streaming?

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