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Purchase of The Week | Steins;Gate Merch

Hi everyone and welcome to our place! 😀

In the light of my collab with Irina where we theorize about Steins;Gate 0 which was a lot of fun (you can read part 1 here) and the awesome last episode (13) I decided this weel I just had to feature Steins;Gate in the Purchase of the Week! 😀 So, Irina, you could say this is week is just for you!

This time around there will be more Merch though… It’s just… There are so many cool things who are not really that expensive! This said, let’s just start shall we?

(By the way, if you like K-On see the merch I showed last week)

– Europe –

Steins;Gate Mouse Pad, Mousepad

I mean, even if the mousepad was not from Steins;Gate it was worth a buy! I love the design like it was drawn in chalk, creates a really good vibe! Of course, this makes even more sense when we think of all the theories and mathematics to achieve time travel. Then, having Kurisu and Okabe in the middle just melts my heart! Moreover, the price is not that high – £9.79.

Anime Makise Kurisu Cosplay Costume Wig

Now, if you are into cosplay and you want to cosplay as our dear Kurisu, there is something that you need to get right, her hair! I found this costume wig for the price of £17.99 and it seems really well made! Heck, even if you only want to have the hair like that! It’s LIT!

– Canada –

This one will have a lot of items… I appologize right now, but there are so much cool merch that I have to put them all!

Kurisu T-Shirt – L Size

Now… I know the only size is L (which for me would never fit), but when I saw this T-Shirt I just had to put it on the post! I LOVE everything about it! I love the color and the design so much. It’s a little expensive though (as everything in Canada from what I’m learning with this series). The price is CDN$ 68.51.

Kurisu Makise Ani-Statue

This may be the coolest figurine I’ve ever seen! Everythig is so well done and I love the idea of having Kurisu sitted in a bunch of gears to give that time travel flavor. The price is CDN$ 156.11.

Radio Kaikan Hall | 1/1000

Another item that will blow the mind of any Steins;Gate fan, making them to want to buy it right away! The Radio Kaikan Hall, where everything starts! From the picture is not easy to see, but the details seem to be pretty good and it’s not really that much expensive – CDN$ 37.50

IBN5100 alarm clock

Ok… Noone is going to buy this, I know! It’s way to expensive – CDN$ 298.72. But, well! I had to share the knowledge of having an IBN5100 alarm clock! I mean, how cooler can you get?

– United States –

Maybe I should change how I put these posts up… Because most of the items will just be equal to the different countries, but well, maybe next week 😀

Kurisu Makise Ani-Statue

Yes, it’s Kurisu again! I just love this figurine too much! The price is $85.25 (on sale at the moment).

Radio Kaikan Hall | 1/1000

No, you are not having a Deja Vu… I had to put the Radio Kaikan Hall for the USA too! It’s just too cool! 😀 The price is $28.20.

Mayuri Shiina PVC Figure

Yes… It’s another fgurine. Now, from Mayuri! I’m sorry, but this is just the cutest thing ever, I had to add her! A little more expensive though – $99.00

Steins;Gate Wallpaper mouse pad

Last, but not the least we have another mousepad! This one has all of our favorite characers. But, the thing that caught my attention was the colours. Having a more grey/black-ish background and then some nice vivid colors in their colors work really well! 😀

And that’s it! Hope you like the merch that I shared with you today! 😀 To be honest, I’m a little tempted to start bashing money and get a lot of these! >.<

Now, if enter Amazon through this link and end up buying another item, don’t worry! I’ll get a fee for anything you buy in you session IF you enter Amazon through my links 😀

Also, tell me in the comments if you like these posts or if they don’t really say anything to you! Your feedback is appreciated and very important eheh! 😀

Steins Gate Merchadising

See You Soon! 😀


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