5 thoughts on “Good Luck Girl! | Binbougami ga! Review – Just… Hilarious!”

  1. It’s interesting how you didn’t like the more serious parts of the story. I feel the same way about Naruto fillers (just want them to be funny) so I think I can understand.

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    1. Well, basically the show gets out of what they know to do and try to add this more serious parts but fail (in my opinion). Really? XD Well, it depended a lot on the fillers. There were some background stories that I really liked to watch even though they were not as funny 😛

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  2. I liked your post (which probably doesn’t come as a real surprise as I always enjoy reading them), but I am not a huge comedy fan (in fact it’s pretty much the only genre that I usually skip). So…I’m going to pass on this one 😊


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