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Dragon Age Inquistion Review – Part 3 | Gameplay – Mother of Bugs

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It seems this is not going to be the last post of my large review of Dragon Age: Inquisition. I have a lot to take out of my chest when it comes to gameplay… But well, if this is the first post you are reading, or you skipped one part, here are the links for the other posts

Part 1 – Story and World Building

Part 2 – Characters

Now, I want to address the elephant in the room, so let’s start talking about:

– Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay –

Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay

Now I think you all know how DA:I gameplay works. It’s a RPG where you do a lot of exploration. However, more than that you also have quests in your war room, which do not need any fighting, but strategical thinking regarding the best way to solve the problems around you. Additionally, the special thing about Dragon Age: Inquisition is that you can choose every response throughout all conversations and the choices you make will change future events and how things will turn out.

Let’s start with the commands for the fighting, shall we? I’ve always played with a controller. Why, not? You can clearly see that was the objective of developers. You can see that there is a great evolution in here when comparing to its predecessor, Dragon Age 2. While in Dragon Age 2 the controls were more or less decent (it’s discussable), in Dragon Age: Inquisition you can’t really say anything bad about it. Yeah, you may say that you can’t address all of your skills to the commands. But, well, first of all if you want all of them go for the PC version and choose to show skills in the “old” way. Secondly, due to mana and stamina, you won’t probably use more than 8 skills throughout your fights.
It is also pretty easy to change characters. Something that you will need badly if you are playing the highest difficult level – nightmare.

Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay controls.jpg

However, there is something that works terribly in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The paused camera. If you’ve played the game in hard or below, you probably didn’t even need it. However, if you are playing it in nightmare I assure you that you will need to use it. At least when it comes to fighting dragons and the most difficult bosses.

There are many things that could be improved. For example, the characters do not respond right away when you tell them to go somewhere. Moreover, if you are running away from an AOE attack you will have problems if the characters need to run different distances. Let’s say that one of you characters needs to move a few cms, while the others need to run for some meters. The moment this character stops, it will run towards the character you are controlling which does not make much sense. In my idea, when you are using the strategic camera you are like controlling everyone in the party. This way, none should do a thing if I don’t tell them do to so. Really guys, this makes a big difference in some battles!

They see me rolling…. They hatiiiiin

But, that is nothing compared to the number of bugs the game has. I don’t even understand how a game went to the stores with so many bugs, what could I say about not figuring out how to solve them with patches.

Name a bug and Dragon Age: Inquisition probably has it!


Some of them are fun, like receiving multiple pings (at random times) of a certain quest being completed, which you already have completed. Tutorials who you already know from the beginning of the game popping at random times, even in the end of the game. One of your characters entering into a loop while coming down a cliff (and dying) multiple times, making you to run away from him far enough so the character respawns far from that cliff. Repeated conversations from the same characters – I can’t count the times I’ve heard Dorian and Varric betting who would win, me or the bad guy.

Then, you have some bugs that will make you get a little mad if you are a perfectionist, like me xD. For example, having marks at your map of things you already did, but they stay there like you didn’t do it. Other one is characters just freezing mid battle – every time my main character uses shadow while I am not controlling her, she just freezes and I have to change to her character and make her jump so I can move her again…

But then, there are the others which just makes you plain mad and rage quit!

I’m sorry, the aliens need me!

So, I’ve got the bug of all the characters I’m not controlling stopping using their skills from time to time. This bug is only solved by turning off and turn back on the game. Basically, if you see that your team is doing terribly, then probably the cause is a bug.

I’ve also lost once against a difficult dragon (I played the game always in nightmare and he was with his life in the middle) because of a bug. In this fight I changed character to Cassandra so she could use her taunt and shield skills, then Dorian to do a barrier. With all the guarding done, I went to my own character again, an assassin, to find her in the middle of nowhere.

Basically, she fell down from the terrain and she was now in the middle of strange textures. The game, of course, takes this as going outside the map and respawns her… Meters away from the battle… I look to the dragon, and there he was, full heath… I just turned off the console and threw some swears towards the air.


And I’m sure there are more, I’m just not remembering them right now… I can’t understand how a game as big as Dragon Age: Inquisition have so many bugs… You can defend it by throwing the card of being a really complex game with a lot of information and that it is not possible to be flawless… I’m sorry, but that doesn’t suffice. Sure, I’m ok with some bugs, but this is way too many!

There are other things that I didn’t love about the game though.

The monsters do not grow in level as you do. This means that, if you are a completionism like me, then expect the game to become easy pretty quickly. Yeah, even if you are playing nightmare.


I know about the trials expansion where you can make the monsters be always in the same level as you. But, are you expecting for me to use a thing that even the game tells you to have multiple saves because it can bring problems? I mean… That’s basically saying, yeah this package is full of bugs, but here, at least we are saying it so you can’t come back to us screaming you lost all your game because of a bug. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to use that unless when it is to do the trophies.

I also didn’t like the part where they took out the relationship meter from the companions. Yeah, that makes you to be more cautious towards what you say to your companions and how the relationship is evolving. But, well, I can do that and have a meter to see how long it is to become friends with a certain character.

We all know that I want to be BFFs with Varric the quickest I can!

– Conclusion –

There are way too many bugs and the gameplay is not the best I could ask for. There is no turning point there.

However, even though I got a little angry sometimes, I ended up loving the game a LOT! Of course, due to the the bugs I won’t be giving 5 stars! But… Wait! Next part I’ll be talking about the audio, so I still have some complaints to do!

It’s not perfect, but it really is a great game! What about you? Did you experience bugs while playing it? Tell me in comments the funniest ones you got! 😀 Also, tell me your opinion about the overall gameplay! 😀


See You Soon! 😀


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