24 thoughts on “Create A Story Tag: Clair de Lune (Music + School + Drama)”

  1. Seriously…no need to apologise at all: just enjoy your time off! You deserve it just as much as everyone, especially considering all the hard work you have done these past few weeks! But wow you write fast. I saw the post over on Biblio’s blog early today, (totally agree, she is awesome) and now you have already written yours? Respect! And you made a great story as well, that’s for sure. Wonderful post, have fun the coming days! 😊😊

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    1. Ahahah thank you! ^.^ It was awesome to be able to relax for almost two weeks straight! 😀

      Well, some people read fast (you) and others write fast xD But, I got lucky with this one ahah I got inspired while taking a shower ahah

      Glad you liked the story! Not gonna lie, was pretty proud that I was able to come out with it ahah

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  2. Great story.
    I’ll try to respond to this one over the weekend but I’ve got a few other things lined up so might be late (like another couple of weekends) before I get to it. Still, definitely interested in giving it a go.

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      1. Well, I finally scheduled it for Saturday. That said, I may very well scrap it before then. It is really bad and I’m not sure edits will save it.


  3. This was great, I like how deep and emotional it was. A part of it went over my head however it felt nice to read, sad but also hopeful.

    I got the impression that some of this was in the second person, which is pretty difficult to write in, so I definitely respect that.

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    1. Thank you so much! I was really happy how it came out! Never I thought that I was able to write something like this xD

      Thank you! 😀 I started with just someone sharing his dream, but ended up with him talking to the person he love and misses eheh

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      1. Yeah, it feels weird because a lot of people have gone for this really emotional/deep vibe to create this great atmosphere and emotional story and then I’ve just done a collection of one liners joined together by an extremely vague story!

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      2. Everyone has their own way to write and create xD So, I don’t think it’s weird at all! Doing your own thing is more important, even if it may feel weird ahah

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