18 thoughts on “Arthis Classroom: I Found A Way to Upload Images To WordPress Without Using HTML AND Saving Space!”

  1. I use imgur and flickr ever since I learnt to host your own images and not grabbing them from the web for a good while now. Here’s a neat trick, if you embed too much vids from yt, it actually bogs down the loading speed of your post. To get around that, use the custom link option. Link the image up to the vid and presto! multiple vids without having to embed. The down side with flickr is that it embeds and you can’t resize.

    Nice post for those that didn’t know art :D.

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  2. 🙂 Hmm. So, I am making an educated guess that those images that are hosted somewhere else does not take up our WordPress storage space.

    I used the image address once as a test and it made a copy of the image in my WordPress storage.

    The last thing that I want to do is unwillingly use up my 3 GB of storage.

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    1. Yes, that’s the objective eheh 😀

      This is not the image address thing. If you go to your library you have different ways to add your images, but all of them add the image to your library.

      In here you paste the direct link from Imgur in the text, not in the library.

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    2. There are two ways you can add images and it depends. If you use the WP admin >> go to add media >> select URL

      The new improved editior, copy and pasted the url from imgur and then just dump it in your post.

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    1. If you paste the direct link in the text the image will appear yeah. But you should not do it like that. The reason is:

      Let’s say you find an image that you like and put it in your post like that. If the site where you got the image from deletes it, your image will also disappear. It’s way better to have your own space and links. This way you are sure that they won’t disappear unless you want to

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    2. Golden rule, as Art said, host your own images. All them years ago, I did the exact thing you and many, many, many did. Take images hosted elsewhere and linked back to my posts. It caused problems later on for my posts, because the images were no longer there.

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