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Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award | I Feel That I Am Part of Something Here

Oopsie daisy! This post is no longer here! You can read it at our new place Anime Shelter here!

21 thoughts on “Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award | I Feel That I Am Part of Something Here”

  1. Aww, thanks so much for the nomination! I am unfortunately already part of the Brotherhood as I was nominated by three other people for this one, and I published the post in the weekend. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the nomination. So let me answer your questions in this way:

    If there were any anime I would be allowed to make it would definitely be one that takes place in the Bladerunner Universe (I absolutely loved the last film, it has become one of my alltime favorite SF movies) And seeing as she would fit in that universe perfectly it would be awesome if The Major from Ghost in the Shell could somehow appear there as the main lead 😀

    Three words huh? Erm…..let’s see: Totally Messed Up? I’m not even kidding here. As my blog deals with so many different topics it’s becoming increasingly more unstable lol 😂

    Ughh…that last one is so tough to answer…I don’t even think I can pick a favorite anime:Another is definitely one, but I also highly enjoyed Psycho Pass and Erased. All of these are totally different shows, but they are awesome in their own way. Another because it’s the best horror anime that I have ever seen. Psycho Pass because I just love the look of it, and it has a truly chilling storyline. And Erased because it’s simply put totally amazing. ( I know that last one isn’t much of a reason, but it’s really how I feel about that one 😊).

    Wonderful post you made for this by the way. Like your choice for a dream vacation: Japan is on my to visit list very high as well.
    Have a great week yourself, and sorry for the way too long comment 😅😅

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    1. Lol..having just come over from Pete’s blog…I saw that I read your final question completely wrong: it said genre. Ooopssss…my bad. Let me correct my answer to that final question as it makes it much easier. My favorite genre would be..drumroll. Dark dystopian future (things like Bladerunner, Ghost in the Shell etc.) I love that genre because of the atmosphere it creates. It’s creepy and dark, but also usually creates mind boggling worlds. And it makes for truly great science fiction. Sorry for reading the question too fast 😅😅

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      1. Ahahah! Yeah I was pretty sure that you already had been nominated, but well, don’t want to take guesses after what happened with Irina xD

        Thank you for answering in the comments, though xD

        Ooooh I could see that working eheh That’s an excellent choice you got there xD

        LOLOL Nothing of the sort! I would go more for Awesome Random Blog (Random because you talk about of different topics?) XD

        Ahahah, from the first comment I would think you would say horror xD But, it makes complete sense ahah I should really try more of that genre xD Ghost in he Shells is in my want to watch list what seems forever now! But I loved Ergo Proxy 😛

        Yeah, Japan will always be the country that I really want to get to know first handed. And it’s not even because of the Anime ahah It’s more because of the cultrure and tradition!

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      2. I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I am absolutely in awe of Asian culture. Whether it’s China, Japan or Korea, all of these just fascinate me to no end. I desperately want to at least once in my lifetime visit one of these countries, though my preference certainly goes out to Japan.
        Lol…horror is very close to the other genre for me, so it was a tough choice. Ghost in the Shell is amazing and an absolute must watch 😊 Ergo Proxy I’m sorry to say was a bit of a let down for me 😅
        Lol…I like you three word description for my blog much better than mine…haha.Thanks!
        You are welcome it was the least I could do, and really thank you for the nomination 😊😊

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