9 thoughts on “Horrible Anime Quest | How To Make Vampire Holmes Bearable to Watch”

  1. You liked 2 episodes of the worst anime you’ve ever seen? Surely theirs got to be an anime you hated every episode of? IDK it just seems weird to me, also being 3 minutes long I would have rated it higher just because it’s over quicker!

    It does sound really bad though and I liked the review. I think a lot of your improvements would work. It’s hard to have a good story in a 3 minute episode show so they are pretty much always comedies or like 100 episodes long like Ninja Girl and Samurai Master and even then they tend to have comedy (and they really need that recap). So comedy really makes or breaks a show like this.

    I’ve also got a bad anime suggestion! CLANNAD, it’s probably the worst anime I’ve ever watched to completion so I know it stays terrible throughout it’s entire run. If not CLANNAD, I’ve heard boku no pico is pretty bad but I’ve not seen it.

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    1. If you think 2 episodes are like 2 minutes, you could say I liked 2 minutes of a 12 episode Anime series xD Basically they were able to make me smile once ahah
      And no, I still didn’t get an Anime I didn’t like ANY of the episodes. Maybe I will find one sooner or later though xD

      Thank you! Happy that you think that my improvements would work eheh You’re right, Animes like these can only work if they are funny eheh

      You didn’t like Clannad? Oo Clannad is seen as a good Anime and I ended up liking Clannad after story! Boku No Pico is a good one, but it involves a lot of underage sexual parts. Since one of my rules is not to enter the sexual side of Anime I won’t be doing that one, sorry :S

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      1. Yeah that’s true I guess. 2 mins isn’t a lot overall!

        It’s interesting you’ve had that, seems strange to me but I guess it’s actually a good thing!

        No clannad just didn’t work for me and was really annoying to watch. I’m not talking about after story too btw.

        Yeah I get that, didn’t expect you to cover it honestly but thought it might be funny to say!


  2. I’m with Karandi here – there’s a reason I have to reserve single digits for this show and Heybot (even Hand Shakers gets a 13 for effort!)…The thing that annoyed me the most were the actual ads that started and ended the show, although I’ve heard you can find versions of Vampire Holmes videos without the ads attached.

    Even Nobunaga no Shinobi has a next episode segment, although it’s just a non-moving image that appears for a few seconds. I don’t think it would make the show any better by having one of those, though…

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    1. Hmmm I think I got one without the ads xD You only have the intro and the outro. damn, watching ads every single time is a BIG NO! The anime is way too small to watch ads before and after it.

      Hmmm, that’s an idea. Although, I think I’m with you… One of the best things the Anime has is to have a decent animation and a somewhat good voice over xD

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