24 thoughts on “Life Update Aug 2018”

  1. Life update works. Sounds like you’ve been pretty busy lately.
    Thanks for sharing your stats and insights. By the way, since I actually took your advice about occasionally adding in the alternate text and description for my images, I’ve had a lot more hits from search engines (though some of those have come from some interesting search terms). So thank you.

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    1. Glad it does! πŸ˜€ Yeah, it’s been crazy…

      Really? That’s great! I’m really happy that it’s helping! I couldn’t be happier than to know that my classes are actually helping people eheh Thank you for the feedback!

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  2. Completely forgot to add some additional texts in the alt title. Just a question; If I were to add them after posting, will they still count towards the SEO or does the initial posting makes the difference. I know what I have to in future a) not be lazy b) add them XDD

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    1. LOOOL Yeah, you can add it afterwards. Just make sure Google indexes it! It may happen that it takes a little more time for them to have clicks though. However, it’s better to add them than not xD

      Ahahah, I completely understand you! I have the same problem! I’ve been slacking in adding the alt titles actually >.<

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  3. Wow, I never realised how much content you churn out! Give yourself a pat on the back! What’s your secret to juggling a full-time job, other hobbies, relationship commitments, and blogging? I expect that I’ll be working again before too long, and I’m a bit worried about that!

    Anyway, I like hearing what’s going on in my favourite bloggers’ lives too! I wouldn’t mind more of these type of posts!

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    1. ooooh thank you so much! ❀

      Well, I think everyone is different. But, this is what I do. At work I don't use all my lunch time to have lunch. I always eat fast and work on the blog in that time. Moreover, while my colleagues do their short breaks by watching videos on YouTube or something like that, I usually use those breaks to write a bit or read other peoples' blogging.

      Now, I get out of work at 6pm and normally I've already wrote the post for that day.

      If it's gym day I go like this – gym until 8.30pm, have dinner until 9.15pm and start streaming at 9.30pm. I end that around 10.30-11pm and I still get some time to watch Anime or just chill out a bit browising Youtube and so on!

      This time, these are the hoobies I have – blogging, streaming and gym.

      On the weekends I don't blog, stream or work. So I take that time to chill out with my boyfriend/family. However, from time to time I'm able to work a little bit on the blog or my twitch channel.

      In the end the rules are simply: having fun with blogging and streaming, making it a relaxing thing rather a job. And not procrastinate even a bit. Unless it's the weekend xD

      Thank you ❀ Happy that you liked it eheh


      1. That sounds like a packed schedule! It’s not really my business, but I hope that you take the time to take care of your mental and physical health too!

        I wish that I could publish blog posts as often as you, but I think that I’d start to put too much pressure on myself to continually produce content and it’d stop being fun, ya’ know?

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      2. Thank you for your concern! πŸ™‚ Well, I always try to take the weekends off. Even if sometimes I have to one thing or another to hooby/twitch, I always take the time to spend with my boyfruend and relax πŸ˜€

        Completely understad that since I got in one time that I wasn’t feeling to have as much fun as before. However, I was able to change that by changing my mindset. Yes, I have a schedule and I want to regularly put content out. But, if I feel too overwhelmed or that I’m not having fun I’ll just stop and don’t post πŸ˜› Until that time, not even once I got a day that I felt that I was blogging because of the pressure.

        Nevertheless, I really need to have sort of a schedule to do something. If I do not, then I’ll just procrastinate and do nothing ahah >.<


  4. Wow…you seem to have a lot going on right now! And those stats are just truly impressive! 😊😊 Way say sorry though? This post was totally fun to read, so there is no way on Earth you need to apologise for that…for even a single second 😊😊

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    1. What can I say? I want to do a lot of things! πŸ˜€

      Ahah thank you ❀ nothing compared to yours I guess, but yeah, I think those were great numbers to achieve in my first year blogging eheh

      Ooooh, you know, I normally always put something creative and though provoking (or at least try to ahah) XD but thank you, happy that you liked it eheh

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      1. Haha..you would be surprised…my stats really aren’t that great. But honestly I have never really cared for stats in the first place. For me the most fun thing is talking to all these awesome people like yourself. 😊😊
        Haha…I DO know that, which is why I always love your posts 😊😊

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      2. Hmmm that’s hard to believe raist xD it’s 100% that I’m not being able to read everyone’s posts. However, most of the time I see one post of yours you have a lot of likes and comments xD maybe you are tLking in proportion to your follower base? I think that is just natural since there are many people who follow and do not read anything you put out xP

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      3. Haha…no, it’s quite simple actually: I don’t have a very regular posting schedule. And because of that..there are days that I hardly get any views at all. But really, as I said that is totally fine, as I don’t much care about stats 😊😊The only thing that I would really hate is if no absolutely no one would read my posts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      4. Haha….as there seems to be a completely no offensive on the move currently to make me blush every day, I figured it’s about time someone else get a chance to do so as well: So I will crawl out from under my rock: It’s all yours lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    1. Maybe because you aren’t putting as much posts or aren’t blogging so much time as me? I don’t know. Everytime I see a post of yours it always seems to have a lot of likes xD that’s why I also published my stats per post because it’s easier to compare xP

      Thank you~! XD


    1. Thank you so much! XD not gonna lie, it’s a little scary since it may happen that I don’t have any good improvements to add ahah xD

      I’ve played for a little bit and it seemed really nice eheh probably going to finish it this weekend and review it next week xP


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