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August 2018 PS Plus Free Games First Impressions

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

I was, finally, able to try the games that came out on PS Plus Free Games in August 2018. Besides the ones I’m going to give my first impressions in a sec, it is also available Here They Lie. However, as I said in the post when Playstation announced the free games for August, I do not own a VR and, therefore, I’m not able to try this one out.

Well, without further ado, let’s go and look at these games a little more carefully:

– Mafia 3 –

The first installment of Mafia is one of my favorite games ever. In fact, it’s seating in number 10 at my top 10 list. This way, Mafia III was a game that I was going to buy sooner or later. This means that I was incredibly happy to be able to play it for free 😀

Well, I started the game and as I was expecting, it seemed that I was watching a movie. Voice acting and characters are really well made. You start doing a bank robbery (or something the like) that goes wrong. Contrary to the first and second installment, this goes a little further in time and we will be playing in the 60’s/70’s. Right after the Vietnam war. The premise looks cool since you are playing with an afro-american when racism was in its peak in United States. Although it can be triggering most of the times, I mean n**ga was used like there was no problem at all by white people. But, this is just an example and a word. I think we will see way more about this. I hope they really go into it and do a good representation of what happened in those years. It will be an excellent way to learn more about this subject and give even more importance to equality.

Right in the face!

Right from the beginning you had the possibility to kill or not a guy. This way, I think, contrary to the others, you will have decisions that may impact what happens in the future. Looking forward to see that.

The gameplay was a little tricky though. However, I haven’t played a third person shooter in ages, so I don’t know if it’s not only me being rusty xD But, I had a NPC just pushing me around so he could do his designed route. Which, for the time the game came out, it is not really the best. I mean, they could “easily” add a sense of space around the NPC so he stopped or just went around me.

Nevertheless, this is one of the games I’ll be playing and completing for sure! Probably this is going after I finish Kingdom Hearts! 😀

– Dead By Daylight –

Dead by Daylight is like a Moba, but a horror one. The game is pretty simple. You play as the killer or the victim. If you are the killer you need to kill all the victims, while if you are the victim you need to run away without getting caught. Normally, the game is 4 victims against 1 killer.

However, the game is completely multiplayer, which means you need to have PS Plus to be able to play! Something that doesn’t make any kind of sense in my book. So, if you want to play this game and have to buy it, just go for the PC version. I mean, at least there you just buy the game and there’s no subscription whatsoever.

Quick! Hide!

Regardless of that, the game ends up being fun. You have a lot of different victims and killer to pick and play. Each one of those characters will get exp the more you play, making it more fun. At least if you play more your characters will actually improve and get new skills.

Nevertheless, from what I played, Dead by Daylight might get old pretty quickly. The map seems to be always the same one and, even though you have different characters, the way you play will be more or less always the same. It’s not like League of Legends, Dota, or games like that, where picking a different hero will change completely the way you play.

However, if you love horror this is a good add to your library.

– Knowledge is Power –

I actually had a small party with friends this weekend and played this game 😛

Knowledge is Power is a nice game to have if you normally get your friends around and play games together. You don’t even need a controller since all the gameplay is done through your smartphone. The game is a trivia game and it seems to have a LOT of questions. I’ve played this a nice share of time and never got the same question twice.

It’s also fun that you can send traps to your friends. Let’s say one is in advantage. you can send them ice which will make him to press a numerous of times to break it and be able to pick his answer. You also have a green thing that will need to clean to be able to see the answers, some kind of red monsters that will eat some of the letters of the answers and bombs which will make you lose time when you hit them.

However, this is not the best trivia game out there, by far. Specially when it comes to the end. In the end all players will be in some sort of stairs. If you answer correctly first you will jump steps equal to the number of players that answered after you. However, there are so few steps that all the advantage you got during the game will not really get you anywhere, making all effort until the end just nonsense.

This way, yeah the game is a good add and my friends and I always end up playing it. However, you have way better trivia games out there. Moreover, why not go with a board game? That’s why they were made, you know? 😀

– Final Thoughts –

I have mixed feelings about this one. First, I don’t get it why you would throw a VR game in there. I mean, most people do not have 300€ to spend on top of the money already used to buy the PS4. Basically, that one will end up being just dead waste to many people who paid for the PS Plus service.

Knowledge is Power is not half-bad. However, I think the game is not the best out there. I would prefer to get an indie game instead of this one. I mean, what about the people who don’t really play with friends or make parties in their home? Again, that will be dead waste for them.

Mafia III is the one I’m more excited about and I’m really happy to have gotten it. Expect a review about it sooner or later. Dead by Daylight was also a game that I was interesting to see how it worker. Well, it’s not bad, at all, but probably not my thing. However, it does not make any sense that I’m obliged to have PS Plus to play a game which is entirely multiplayer.

What about you? What do you think about August 2018 Free Games in PS Plus? Tell me in the comments! 😀

See You Soon! 😀

9 thoughts on “August 2018 PS Plus Free Games First Impressions”

  1. I almost never play them even though I redeem them, haha 😅 I sit have Gone Home and Beyond Two Souls just sitting there, waiting to be downloaded. I’m so silleh!

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    1. loool that just makes both of us! The thing is, I have so many games waiting to play that I’m not able to put my head out of the water and play the ones coming from PS Plus Free Games ahah

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Eh, not very exciting batch this time. Mafia 3 is decent at least. Dead by Daylight I’d tried playing on PC before but the game was so jacked (everything was like fluid Mt. Dew on the screen, I’m not even joking).

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