39 thoughts on “I Don’t Understand Why People Hate The Lost Village So Much?”

  1. You forgot to mention “The Unlucky Hippopotamos”!! That is the best part of it all. 😎 No but I loved The Lost Village a lot and I don’t get the low rating either. Sure, there is an issue with the pacing. It should have been better off with more episodes so we could have gotten in deeper with the characters and the story itself. But other than that I think it was totally okey. Not the best but def not the worst out there. Better than average I’d say. I wonder if this is a case of one person giving negative critique and the rest sort of following along. Sometimes that happens. I’m glad someone else likes it to.

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    1. OMG!!!! You are absolutely right! How the hell did I forget one the best pieces of music ever! Damn, that was bad of my part >.< In fact, when I started writing I thought on talking about it and then just forgot along the way -.-''

      Yea, I'm with you! I don't know about the case being "one person giving negative critique" since there are some bloggers out there that I respect their opinion a lot who also didn't like the show. I think it depends if you watched it episodical or not. At least, that would make more sense to me!

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      1. Shame on you. 😎

        Yeah you are probably right. I never read any blogs about it (it was before my time on WP), it was mostly people’s opinions and the usual reviewers and of course YT. πŸ™„ YT has a tendency to get down with each others opinions I feel. With most stuff actually. Or I’m just cynical. But you might be onto something with the episodical viewing. I started by watching it once a week, made a pause and then I binged the last 2/3 or so. I think you get a better overview of what’s going on if you do that. I found it a bit hard to get the consistency those first episodes and I forgot stuff. So yeah it was probably a better anime to binge.

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  2. Adding it to the watch list! Thanks for bringing this interesting looking show to my attention. Some of my favourite shows are low rated by THAT website so I try not to take their scores into my decision making process when picking a show to watch.

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    1. No problem! πŸ˜€ Happy that I got an Anime that made you interested enough to watch xD

      I completely understand you since it happens to me all the time. Some of the Animes I’ve watched that I feel they are pretty solid end up having bad general reviews πŸ˜› I just watch what I think I’m going to like, regardless of the rating. (I do the same for games)

      “THAT website” ahahah πŸ˜€ To be honest, I don’t use MyAnimeList… I always preferred anime-planet xD However, The Lost Village also has bad ratings there >.<

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  3. I never finished this, but I really enjoyed the episodes I saw of it. A lot of people complained that it was over-the-top and unrealistic, but I thought the series was doing it on purpose and trying to be sort of like a cheesy B-Movie kind of anime. I thought it was fun and didn’t take itself too seriously. I’m glad someone else liked it!

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    1. That’s something I don’t understand… Should you really have the complaint of Anime being “over-the-top” or “unrealistic”… Let’s face it, Anime is not supposed to be an identical picture of the real world. Quite the contrary. If you go and say an Anime is “over-the-top” or “unrealistic” then, more than half of Animes will be like that.

      Yeah, I also have that feeling! It’s not supposed to make you terrified to go to your bathroom in the middle of the night. It’s just a more soft show that is purpose is for you to relax and have a nice evening watching it.


  4. Honestly…I passed up on this because of so many bad reviews, and the general vibe for this one. But…I always liked the premise for this anime in the first place. Your review proves once again, that sometimes you just need to ignore stuff like that and make up your own mind. So…thank you for this great post! (although that does mean that I now have to add another anime to my to watch list…so erm..thanks…I guess? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

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    1. Yeah, you should never put something aside because of the general reviews. Most of the times they are not quite accurate. Moreover, something that may work for you won’t work for others. Never forget, there are Animes that have already 5 starts in Myanimelist before they even come out. They have that rating only because of the hyper. This way, I always try not to take much into account the general ratings… Unless I’m doing the Horrible Anime Quest that is ahah

      No problem… I guess? ahah πŸ˜€

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  5. It’s a fun ride if you don’t go in expecting another Another! Admittedly, I was initially annoyed by a lot of parts (namely, characters taking way too long to do one damn thing and not having a rational reason behind it), but once you appreciate that the anime isn’t even trying to take itself seriously, you can really just sit back and laugh.

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    1. Yeah, I’m there with you! But, let’s face it, Another is in a league of its own, so we shouldn’t enter in an Anime thinking it will be another Another xD Moreover, from everything I watched until now, I feel Anime is not the best when it comes to horror… Don’t ask me why, but they just seem to not be able to have the scary factor lolol

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      1. Yup, I agree. I only made that comment because Another and Mayoiga share the same studio and director, and so many people back then were getting hyped about a new Another!


  6. As someone who didn’t like it and probably bashed when it originally came out, I think the main annoyance was the pacing and the ‘mystery’ itself.

    For a mystery story pacing, although not essential, is still pretty important so it didn’t really help when the entire build up lead to a rather disappointing reveal and conclusion. The end just left me feeling somehow betrayed. I had invested so much into the show (I actually kind of stopped caring by episode 8) and for what? A hot mess that struggled to make sense at the last minute.

    But honestly, I think most of the bashing came from anger that it wasn’t really what I signed up for.

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    1. Yeah, I can understand your point! I also felt that the ending was rushed a LOT. That’s why I’m putting the theory that they were expecting in creating more episodes. However, I think it ended up being a good explanation for everything that was happening. It’s true that it didn’t explain how Nanaki ended up existing or how it is possible to have one. Nevertheless, there are some shows like that. I mean, not always you will get all the facts and explanations for something.

      Nevertheless, I don’t think it should get such a bad overall rating. Also, I think someone who watched this episodically versus in a row like myself will have different points of view. I mean, I can understand someone getting a little annoyed with some episodes if they are not able to continue the story in that same day. Dunno if I’m making sense πŸ˜›

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  7. I think the issue with this one was for seasonal watchers it was one of those shows that promised one thing, morphed into something else, and then took a weird turn at the end without actually resolving anything. Throw in some really annoying characters who get practically no development, no actual deaths or anything that ends up being horrific other than the initial setting, and a general lack of any kind of message or purpose and it all just exists. While it isn’t the worst thing ever to watch, there’s also very little reason to watch it. Unless of course you really do like the song about the hippopotamus.

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    1. After answering comments that is the idea I’m also getting and I can understand why. There are some episodes there that if you have to wait one week for the next part of the story will not feel very good. Moreover, the bad pace is way more felt when watching it episodically rather than in a row.

      I do think there is a message though. The objective of the Anime is to show that you need to accept your worst phases in your past, live with them and continue pressuring on. Although there are no deads, we can actually see people being able to address their fears and conquer them. Nevertheless, I think that the end was rushed and I would love to see the other characters being able to face their fears instead of just “yeah we’ll do it” and then they are already leaving the village.

      That’s why I think the number of episodes were cut down (it’s just a theory though) because some of those characters were important to the story as also having some actual focus on them.

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  8. Good god, not this show. As Karandi said; had promise, turned in to something else and ended weird and rushed. Not to mention some really art clangers like this XDD

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    1. Ahahah I actually didn’t notice that when I was watching the Anime! But, there’s no way around it! The girl just went from one to two!! Creepy! ahahah

      Nevertheless, I think the Anime still teaches you something and tries to give some added value to your life. From someone who has big psychological scars from the past, I can say that the way to go is by accepting them and moving on.

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  9. I honestly can’t remember how far I got in to The Lost Village, maybe three or four episodes. I think none of the characters really grabbed me that didn’t help. They all felt a little generic, and it was hard to care about them. Maybe I’ll retry the series another time though.

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    1. I can understand why. I ended up pushing forward because of the premise. But, it’s true the characters, in the beginning, are not really interesting. However, after some episodes, they start to develop and become good characters, in my opinion.

      Now, is there any generic characters? Well, yeah, there are a few. But, the ones that are more important end up showing another side of themselves πŸ˜›

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  10. As I mentioned to you on Twitter, I also enjoyed The Lost Village! Sure, it had its problems, but its premise – a group of misfits setting up shop in an abandoned village surrounded by monsters representing their deepest and darkest fears – reminded me of my favourite video game franchise, Silent Hill, so, points for that! I also found myself repulsed at the contrast between the ugly CGI monsters and the attractive character models (which is a good thing for a horror show!) Sure, it’s not fantastic, but I cannot understand the hate it received!

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    1. Ooooh never thought under that perspective. It does remind of Silent Hill! And props for being one of your favorite horror games, we have that in common xD

      From what I could understand by other people comments it seems that if you watch it in a weekly basis the problems with the pace for example will be more accentuated than if you watch it in one go πŸ˜›


      1. Ooh, Silent Hill is one of your favourite video game franchises too? Which entry into the series is your favourite? And do you have a list of your favourite games on your blog?

        Ah, OK, that makes sense. I sometimes forget that your experience with a show can differ drastically depending on whether you watch it all in one go or weekly…

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      2. I have to go with the very first on that! πŸ˜€ I don’t know why, maybe because of the age I played, but it was the one who shooked me the most xD

        I don’t have a post per sais, but my first series was reviewing mt top 10 games πŸ™‚ You can find it here -> https://arthifis.com/house-blueprints/gaming-bedroom/gaming-tops/top-10-video-games/

        However, Silent Hill is not there xD I’m just a sucker for RPGs you know… ahah

        Yeah! It blows my mind how a review can change so much depending on how you watch it πŸ˜›


      3. Well, it was one of the first posts xD And yeah… You can clearly see the difference if you read the review for the 10th place versus the first one ahah No problem, hope you have fun with it eheh


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