12 thoughts on “Accepting Our Emotional Scars | The Lost Village”

  1. Oh dang. If this anime helped you to reflect on your life and who you are, I can see why you would like it so much. Especially with the concept of facing past fears.

    I just wish this anime wasn’t so weird about how it went about all of this.

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  2. I wouldn’t say backlash. Lost village had a lot of promise, it just didn’t live up to expectations, can’t say much about the McGuffin hippo song though. Glad that you did find a degree you liked. More importantly, you managed to overcome your scars and move on. Some hurdles are harder than others. It boils down to the support and growth you have. And in this case, you can look back and say “I made it” with a smile. Go Art!.

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    1. Yeah, from what I could gather last week, it seems that people who watched the Anime in an episodical manner ended up liking less versus people who watched the Anime in a seating or two.

      Ahah thank you! But, yes that is true! Many obstacles I face nowadays I always end up thinking “If I was able to survive that, then I will be able to survive this” 🙂

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  3. Well…you totally did it again. As usual…here you go ahead and write a post again, that is very personal, and it ended up getting me even more interested in the anime than I already was after reading last week’s post. I should not be suprised anymore about the fact that you manage to make a post that is very personal. All I can say is well done! It takes guts to write a post like this, and I am definitely happy that you have been able to overcome the tough things. From what I gather is that it certainly wasn’t easy.

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    1. Ooooooh thank you so much Raist ☺

      Yeah, you gather that right xD But, well, scars like these make you stronger and in fact, shaped me in the way I am, so I just need to accept them and try to see the bright side. I wouldn’t probably be such a kind person if I didn’t experienced these kind of problems.

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      1. Hmm…well: I think in that way: I can relate. Definitely had those kind of experiences too, and they totally shaped me in that way. Kindness is definitely one of the best words to describe you: Thats totally for sure 😊😊

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  4. I’m glad every time I hear someone talk about how their scars have healed. It makes my heart go warm. There are hope in this world. My scars, well, they are latent at the moment but sometimes they pop up and glare at me. It’s hard some days but hey, I survived. My biggest problem is my brain; I constantly feed my scars with new scars. My mind is in a turmoil every so often. Mayoiga got me thinking about people’s scars and healing too. That was the whole purpose of them going on that trip, to run away from what was hard, what they struggled with and were afraid of. They didn’t know that they went to a place where they had to confront it and in the end deal with it to heal. I really liked that anime, I wish it had gotten all the intended episodes.

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    1. Thank you so much for the honest comment Lina ❤

      Well, it's not they sometimes do not open from time to time. Normally, those days I just try to somewhat pass through…

      The feeding new scares though is what is the most difficult to stop… Something I had to learn a LOT when I had my anxiety problesm… It's just so freaking tiring… Bah 😦

      Yeah, me 2! I think we could had more insight in all characters and not feel such a rushed ending…

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      1. Anxiety sucks but learning how to handle it helps so much, with not only the anxiety but a lot of things. It also opens your eyes to things you’d rather not see. 😕 But it’s better in the end probably. As you say, it is tiring.

        There actually is a manga that is written after they stopped airing the anime so I think you get a conclusion if you read it. It’s three volumes. I think I’m gonna see if I can find it and read it.

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