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Where did The Magic of Playing a New Game Go?

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

Today I want to think a little bit and talk about something that has been bothering me for a while. This thing is, why I don’t feel the same joy and hyper when I’m starting a new game as I did before.

k-on anime excited
Although I still feel the excitement of being at work and wanting to get home and play games!

I don’t really understand because I continue to love games as much as I did before. This way, I want to see if I can find out why this is happening. Is it because I’m older? Are the games not as fun as before? Am I having the opportunity to buy and play so many games that now I feel it’s really easy to get a new one? I don’t know, but let’s find out!

– Age Difference –

anime aging

I mean, we all know that you experience things differently depending on the age you have and I can’t really compare how excited I felt about something when I had 13 to now, with 25 years old. So, my question is, is it because I’m older and had way more experiences that make me feel less overwhelmed when starting a game?

I remember clearly the butterflies I had when starting a new game that I had just bought after months of saving. I also remember being in the car with my dad after the purchase just reading the game book super excited to start the game and experience everything I was reading.

excited anime
Me when I was younger waiting for that Sony logo to appear

Nowadays, things are different. I don’t really have to save so much time to buy a new game. In fact, most of the times I don’t even have to leave the house to buy a game. I just go and buy it from the PS store. Months of savings are transformed into buying so many games that I have a backlog that I will never be able to complete. This, of course, would be a reason for my lack of excitement. New games stopped being rare in my life and, therefore, the excitement in each one will not as huge.

However, I think there is something more into it. I have more experience, especially in gaming. I can’t ever compare the excitement I got while playing FF7, my first RPG with starting an RPG nowadays. It’s not that the game may or may not be good, it’s just, well, I’ve experienced so much gaming that I know what to expect more or less. But, on the other side, when Persona 5 came out I looked like a kid super excited to experience the game. The same happened with FF15, so, although it will never be the same as the first one, I don’t think this is a factor for my lack of excitement.

anime level up
Although I still feel like this when I’m not able to pass a boss

There is just one next thing I want to discuss, which is the time I have to invest in gaming nowadays. Let’s face it, I work 8 hours a day, I blog, I stream, I go to the gym. So, of course, I don’t have much time to lose myself in a game. I can’t compare a 3 months vacation where time seemed to never end with a strict schedule of gaming only 1 hour a day because the day is just 24 hours. I think this one is clearly one of the motives that make me less excited to start a game. I know from the bat that even if I love them I won’t have much time to play them.

– Gaming Industry –

mainstream gaming industry nowdays
The Mainstream Gaming industry nowadays in a nutshell

But, let’s not put all the blames on me! The gaming industry has also changed, the games themselves also changed and this means that I find myself less and less excited to play a game.

First, we have that companies seem to be more interested in the “owo” factor and money than the game itself. This means that we will get awesome graphics, great mechanics and then the story will just lack that magic that it had before. I was excited to play Final Fantasy XV for example, but I started with a little caution because of what happened with Final Fantasy XIII… 1-2 hours in the game and I knew the game would never have the story I wanted. In fact, the story ended up being even worse than what I was expecting… For you to understand, I got more hyper when I replayed FF12 with the Zodiac Age installment than FF15.

comeback final fantasy 6 you are forgiven
That good old Final Fantasy VI

But, I think there’s more. From a hard RPG fan, I can clearly see how the formula is changing. We are getting more and more action RPGs and less of strategic ones. Knowing the right combination of party and skills are going away and now, knowing the right time to click on the X button seems to be the way to go. This is a personal taste, of course, but that’s not my favorite type of RPG.

– Conclusion –

trying to make a point anime
Me, trying to make a point so far

I wished that I had again those butterflies when starting a game. That excitement so big that I just can’t wait to begin a new game and play it for hours. From this post, I think I can understand what is happening.

On one side, we have that I am different than before. I’m older, have more experience and I can buy games more often. This means that, contrary to my younger self who had to save for months and was experiencing a genre from the first, or second time, games tend to be a constant part of my daily life and I just don’t feel the same excitement as I would before. This, adding to the part of now not being able to just lose myself in a game because I have adult things to do. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to downgrade my consumerism, because I know I’m not going to lose the bargain of buying a game which I’m mildly interested enough while 50% off. However, I will try to lose myself in gaming more often. Even if I only play for one hour, I’ll try not think about it and just let me lose inside the game.

anime relax
I need to learn how to relax

On the other side, we have the gaming industry changing. I feel that mainstream developers are investing more time in putting a game that will make you buy it than really in the magic of the game. More and more I feel the stories are getting worse and more generic while the graphics are getting better and the controls more responsive (which is good ofc). However, even if I play Final Fantasy 6 to this day, I will still love it and lose myself in its world and characters. So, controls and graphics are important, but not everything.

Moreover, we have all the promotions. The steam summer sales, the ps discounts, the retailer “Crazy weekends”. This, of course, makes you let yourself lose to consumerism, making you buy many games that you are not really that excited about and just increase your backlog a lot.

What about you guys? Do you also feel that you got more excited when starting a game when you were younger? Or are is it just me? Tell me in the comments! πŸ˜€

persona 4 funny
See You Soon! πŸ˜€

19 thoughts on “Where did The Magic of Playing a New Game Go?”

  1. I feel the same way. I think one big factor is experience as you mentioned, as many games borrow similar elements so its much less unknown.
    Two other aspects that tie into that I think are access to information and difficulty.
    Back in the day, if you got stuck in a game, unless you bought one of those guide books, you would have to troubleshoot and wander around for a long time trying to figure out where to go or what to do. At the time it might be frustrating but it also makes games feel more unknown and feel larger to a degree.
    And then games these days seem much easier to get into. Even just through proper tutorials and such, although I think games are getting easier regardless to better suit casual audiences. Some games are now pushing back on this, but when you look at old games like vanilla WoW (compared to current WoW), or Megaman on the NES, old games were much more difficult or required more investment to learn and play. I can’t speak for Final Fantasy on this though, as I’ve only played FF7, FFX, and FF13 and didn’t really notice a large difference in difficulty there.

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    1. Oh I completely forgot about those ones, but I think you are correct!

      When it comes to the guides, nowadays is really easy to go to Youtube or something like that -> something I try to never do though…

      When it comes to easyness, I feel that, but not in the FF games xD FF was always pretty easy where if you grind a little bit in the beginning everything else will be easy. Although, nowadays there is not as much strategy sticked to it…

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  2. I’m gonna go ahead and say you’re actually wrong on the “RPGs are changing” thing. Kind of, anyway; while big-name releases tend to favour the open-world action approach these days, the kind of experiences you’re looking for are alive, well and thriving — you just have to look in different places to where you might have traditionally done so.

    Final Fantasy, while the first name people tend to think of when someone talks about console RPGs, has always been about a process of constant evolution and experimentation — hell, I wrote about that very topic a while back ( — and thus the changes people seem to think have been “sudden” have actually been gradually coming for a long time. As a top-end triple-A series it has to follow industry trends and go where the money is believed to be. But that doesn’t mean turn-based RPGs are dead.

    Hell, we just got a brand new Dragon Quest game for PS4 that is about as traditional an RPG as you can get. Before that we had Octopath Traveller on Switch, deliberately designed to be a modern take on the look and feel of SNES-era Final Fantasy games. While very modern in visual style and overall tone, Persona 5’s core mechanics haven’t changed a lot since its PS2 predecessors. And those are just a few recent high-profile releases; look a little further off the beaten track and you’ll find a veritable treasure trove, particularly on Japanese-centric platforms such as Nintendo and Sony handhelds. Companies like Compile Heart, Nihon Falcom, Nippon Ichi Software, Atlus and numerous others have been churning this stuff out non-stop ever since people started declaring JRPGs “dead” roughly around the time Final Fantasy X came out!

    The issue isn’t that these games don’t exist. It’s that they often don’t get written about by the press, so you’ll only hear about them if you, say, follow someone like me who makes a point of being all over this stuff, or if you seek out information from favourite developers and publishers directly, or if you happen to catch a conversation surrounding them on social media.

    While there are a lot of things I dislike about the modern games industry, one of the best things about it is the breadth of experiences we can now engage with. If you enjoy the graphical spectacle of the latest and greatest open world adventures, you can do that. But if you enjoy something more akin to what you played in the 16- and 32-bit eras, you can do that too! There really is something for literally everyone these days.

    If you need any recommendations, you know where to come :3

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    1. Ups… I completely mislead you with that phrase didn’t I? :/

      It’s true that I prefer turn-based RPGs, but I’m not saying that I completely dislike action RPGs… In fact, I think the best FF15 had to offer besides the graphics was the gameplay.

      What I wanted to say is that nowadays, in most mainstream RPGs, I feel that the strategy factor is putting aside and the aspect of clicking in the right button at the right time (something you normally in action games) is getting more focus.

      However, more than that, the point I wanted to really make across is that mainstream games nowadays are more interested in the great graphics and the “owo” factor versus story, world-building, characters’ development… Those kinds of things that, for me, made me enter in the game’s world and really feel excited everytime a new one came out.

      I know that there are still turn-based RPGs out there (I will love to get some of your indications, although it has to be for PS4 or PC, since those are the only platforms I have xD). However, for me, for you to go into a game thrilled to start to be something that you actually heard about before making you get that expectation and hyper for it πŸ˜› Something that I won’t feel with an indie game for example. Not that they are bad or something of the sort, quite the contrary, but I will enter the game with more of the thought “Let’s see what is this about”… Am I explaining myself? XD Probably not ahah

      And, YES! I’m loving this era of gaming, do not take me wrong XD To be honest, since I was not able to buy PS3 or upgrade my pc in the last few years, it has been long since I was able to follow the trends and the games that are coming out and actually playing it!

      I still have a lot of fun and I’m dying to get home and play some FF13 -> yeah I’m replaying it after we have that small talk in my Top Final Fantasy series xD But, when I’m entering the game, I just don’t feel as excited ahah

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  3. I guess i’m kinda lucky in a way, because I still get the smae joy when starting a new game now. Part of that though is because between my current work situation and having a family to support, I can’t just buy what games I want whenever I want. I rarely pre-order and usually pick up just one game after the price comes down. With less things to play, each one still seems special to me. I’m also pretty easy to please though, which probably helps too.

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    1. I really need to stop consuming so much! >.<

      I think that's actually something I need to feel agan… Even if I have the possibility to get those promotions, I will try to behave and not buy any more games until my backlog in Playstation is done with (exept for FF7 remaster and Kingdom Hearts 3 xD)

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  4. Because I buy almost all games via steam these days, I never get quite the thrill from the purchase that I did as a kid walking into the shop with my savings to buy a box to take home and open.
    That said, I still get the same thrill when I start up said game for the first time. I don’t think that’s gone away just yet.

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    1. The thrill of the purchase is so good though… Damn I want to get back those feelings…

      Glad to hear it, don’t let that feeling go away!

      But, what about Anime? Do you still feel the same when starting a new one? XD Because, I feel the amount of games I play would be best compared with the amount of Animes you watch ahah

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      1. I always get a thrill starting a new season of anime when there are so many possibilities. I also love buying physical copies of it (when possible in Australia and when I’m actually in a city which has a shop selling anime). But opening up the My Hero Academia season one box and finding the booklet and the key chain and then checking out the DVD designs, that was the best fun, right before actually testing the discs. Okay, I’m a complete anime nerd, but it makes me happy and I’m holding onto this feeling forever.

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      2. That’s so… Cute! πŸ˜€ I’m really happy to see that you are still so into Anime eheh

        Well, I’ve been trying my best in the last few days to enjoy more my life in general… One thing I’ve already learnt was that if I relax a little bit more without thinking in what I have in my backlog I can enjoy it way more ahah

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  5. It’s funny but the only game I’m really looking forward to nowadays is Halo 6, and only because I want to finally put the series away. That and I need closure on the Master Chief x Cortana story. Aside from that I’d like a new Witcher game, but I’m not dying for it or anything.

    It does really suck that once things started going digital the price somehow increased instead of dropping. I mean some games you’ve got to spend $99.99 for the full game + DLC, and the teenage me would’ve freaked!

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    1. loool xD I still have Witcher 3 to play (although I still haven’t played 1 or 2, but I think I’ll just skip those)

      In the moment the ones I’m looking forward are FF7 remaster and KH3… That’s all xD

      LOLOL I do think that is not because of the digital stores, but the digital itself. The moment companies had the opportunity to give us content for a game and patches easily from the Internet you can clearly see the beginning of DLCs and gigantic games come out to the market with some important bugs to solve…

      Back in the day, if you got it wrong in the first then it would be goodbye… Moreover, when they wanted to bring more content for a popular game they would have more expenses (with packaging and so on) which means, the game had to be more expensive that what the DLCs are now… So, for people to actually buy them, they would really have to go with pretty awesome expansions…

      Oh well… As everything, the digital world has good and bad things…


  6. Well as someone who has quit gaming altogether as you know, I also do remember this feeling from when I was gaming. I think it also has to do with the fact that a lot of games do things in the same way, and it is hard to get surprised anymore. Shooters for instance were my favorite genre, but they were also becoming very generic. As much as I loved them. And that is the same with most games I guess.
    These days I play a lot of boardgames, and I can’t deny the fact that I totally feel excited whenever I come home and have to open the box of a new one. It’s different when compared to videogames of course…but still it is also fun 😊 Great post!

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    1. Boardgames are LIT! I love playing boardgames… My only sadness is that I don’t really have friends that like to play them 😦

      I’m always trying to make them play Risk and they always say they don’t want to… Damn it! >.<

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      1. Haha….hmmmπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” Okay…I will try my best to write a post like that 😊😊 Might release one at the end of this month! I can’t ofcourse ignore a great question such as this πŸ˜‰

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  7. This is food for thought… I definitely felt more excitement when I was younger. FFVII is a good example for me too. But I think the reason (for me personally) is that I couldn’t afford to buy any new game I wanted when I was a teenager. Every purchase felt special. Now I’m and adult I’m fortunate enough to see a game in interested and buy it with my own hard earned cash. It’s more obtainable to me, which reduces the special magic a bit πŸ™‚


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