5 thoughts on “Same Background Going With Completely Different Routes | Mushishi & Natsume”

  1. I think both shows are excellent at what they do, though they both have a very different view of what they are trying to be. I definitely find Natsume more bingeable and relaxing and I really connected with the main character. Mushishi I haven’t watched all of at this point, but what I watched was really interesting but I always felt kind of distanced from characters and events. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the shows.

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    1. Yeah I’m with you! Since Mushishi does not really have any kind of evolution to what you could call a main story it ends being a little more difficult to watch when you to mid season 2/3…

      I think the distance though is something that was conscionsly added. It’s to make you feel the way how Ginko distances himself from others.

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      1. I agree. Its very good at doing what it is trying to do. As a viewer though, I don’t quite have the same love of it as I ended up with Natsume. No criticism to a very good show.

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