15 thoughts on “The Self-Motivation Battle #1”

  1. Hey! Nice post!

    Motivation is indeed a thing that many tend to struggle with. And funnily enough, it is common to think that we can achieve stuff once we’re motivated.

    Because as well all know, motivation is followed by action. (most of the time).

    When I don’t get any motivation what I usually do is stick to the ‘do something principle’.

    This basically says, that doing anything you can think of that involves any sort of random action will really quickly spark a though in you that leads to motivation. Like reading a good book, or watching a cool and insightful interview.

    Do something –> I’m inspired –> further thoughts –> motivation –> action

    I’ve this to really help me sometimes 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for sharing your idea!

      I actually also do this, but more into a way of fighting creative block! 😀 But, I understand what you are saying (and it will be in one of my posts of these series). Seeing things that inspire you to do things normally end up making you more motivated to do them xD Although you do need to actually do them and not, yeah that would be nice, skips for the next Youtube video 🤣

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    1. Ahahahah! That’s something I really need to learn how to do… I never think ahead, so if I get in a lazy streak I’m completely F up because I don’t have anything done xD

      However, since I’m always able to relax during the night and just be lazy while gaming and watch Youtube videos I rarely have those streaks 😛

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