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What I’m Playing Right Now

Hello everyone and welcome to our place! šŸ˜€

Some of you normally do some kind of recaps and update in what you have been playing and watching. To be honest, I love to read those. This way, I decided to go and write my own! šŸ˜€

I mean, it lets you a little bit more into my life and that’s a nice thing, right? Right? *Grieving for acceptance*


Very well, as you already know, I normally play many games at the same time. At the moment, I’m playing 3 different video games! šŸ˜€

– Nier: Automata –

I’ve finally come back to this brilliant game! I stopped for a bit when I got Dragon Age: Inquisition and then Kingdom Hearts and it’s been ages since I picked this one up.

However, some weeks ago I just got this urge to enter on this fantastic World and it’s been the main game I’ve been playing in PlayStation 4 since then.

The best thing about Nier: Automata is, without a doubt, the OST! I’m just loving it so much! It’s really relaxing and just makes me feel good when I’m playing the game. This week I’ve been off streaming because my mom is visiting but I will come back next week with this one! šŸ˜€

At the moment I’m at 9S route, more or less in the middle! šŸ˜› I love how playing the same game, with the same story, completely changes when you go from 2B to 9S.

– Kingdom Hears 2 –

The streaming one. I’ve been streaming all Kingdom Hearts in a Blind run. Yeah, I have never fully played any of them, except for Birth By Sleep.

However after playing Kingdom Hearts 1 and Re: Chain of Memories I decided to get a little break – that’s where Nier: Automate comes in. Nevertheless, I’m loving it. The characters’ feet continue way too big, but the gameplay had a huge step compared to the first installment.

But, I’m still really in the beginning. I’m still playing with Roxas and I’m probably finishing Twilight Town the next time I pick this up.

– Witcher 2 –

To be honest, before I picked Nier: Automata, I thought Witcher 3 would be a nice game to play to just get a breather from Kingdom Hearts World. However, 10 minutes inside the game and I decided that it would be better to play the older games first. I think that way I will love the story of Witcher 3 much more.

So, there I went and turned on Witcher 1 on Pc. After 10 minutes was already tired of the horrible game mechanics and decided that I would not play that one. Went to Youtube watched a story recap and went directly to Witcher 2.

Although Flower Picking would be way easier to do…

Until now, I’m liking it! I still think the mechanics are not the best, but are way better than Witcher 1, especially because I’m playing with a controller and not a keyboard. By the way, tell me if you would like a nice and easy tutorial on how to play PC games with your PS4 controller šŸ˜›

I’m at the moment in the first village and I’m doing all the sidequests, which will take a while I think xD

– What About You? –

What have you been doing? What are you playing right now? Are you enjoying or you are nearly dropping it? Tell me all in the comments!

Hope you liked this more light post where I’m just telling what I’m playing right now. If you did I’ll make sure I will do another one when it makes sense šŸ˜€

See You Soon! šŸ˜€

22 thoughts on “What I’m Playing Right Now”

  1. I am guilty of neglecting NieR Automata since I did mention in the past I wanted this game. First I blame FFXV for taking away my attention and now Spider-Man takes the spotlight. I really need to go back and focus on NieR. I am barely starting the game and I am playing as 2B.

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    1. I understand you 100%! That was what happened the same with me! It’s kind of strange, but in the first Autunm day here in Portugal I got the urge to play it. I think it’s one of those games that just really makes you want to play when it’s colder outside and you just want to relax with your blankets… If that makes any sense? XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it does. I guess with the weather cooling down and summer reaching an end, it gives a chilly breeze lol. At least you are enjoying it. I need to get back to it. I need play that and FFVII. XD

        Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL sometimes we have that bug of replaying older games don’t we? šŸ˜€

      I’m in fact playing them all for the first time, so it’s just like experiencing this awesomeness in first hand eheh

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  2. Been stuck on some endings for some otome games for a while. Naja reviewed an interesting game called The Ties Which Bind Us which reminded me I need to get back to them (but I still downloaded the demo anyway, haha). I also haven’t played Gakthun from when Irina posted about it…but I’m currently in the middle of reading Astra: Lost in Space and watching No Game, No Life…so much media, so little time…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So much media, so little time, that’s basically my moto >.< We should have more hours in a day / time machine to do everything… Bah!

      Now that you speak about No Game, No life I remembered that I still have to watch the movie LOL

      I love that ahahah I always do the same! Remembers all those games that are waiting for me, adds the new one to the game library anyways


  3. Nice list! Iā€™m just pretty much switching between Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and Monster Hunter Worlds. I could play other games, but all my friends are wanting me to play with them pretty much everyday, so what can you do :3

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  4. The soundtrack of Nier: Automata is just gorgeous, I love it so much. It was the first game I ever played on the PS4 and will probably always be my favourite. The graphics were also breath-taking in this game, it really is a masterpiece in my opinion.

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    1. Well, during this last 4 days I’ve played a little more and achieved ending A, B, C and D… Now working in the E ending and… Yeap! It’s one of my favourite games from all time! Everything about it is just a masterpiece!

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    1. Thank you! šŸ˜€ The list is already a little different now though xD I decided to drop Witcher 2 and just go directly to Witcher 3 ahah

      And KH3… So freaking hyper for that game to come out!

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