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Blogger Spotlight | Mega Alatreon

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

Also, welcome to another blogger spotlight post! I know, it’s been ages since I’ve done the last one. But, well… Life happens and it seems I’m just not able to do this a monthly kind of thing. So, it will be just random, I will do it when I have the time 😛

Yesterday, on Twitter I got to know something new that not in a million years I would see for myself and that is how Megaalatreaon is not getting the views/followers that he deserves. Right away I decided that he had to be in my blogger spotlight series. I was, in fact, baffled by how he doesn’t have more followers… I can understand the views because of his posting schedule not being the most regular one, but I can’t understand how his blog is still in the shadows of the Internet. So, here it is:

– Blogger Spotlight | Mega Alatreon

His Avatar is so cute!

Megaalatreon blog is all about gaming. He has been here for 1 year, but he does not have my posts published – 16 to be exact. The reason behind it is because of his 6-month hiatus between December last year and May of this year. At the moment he also seems to be taking a break. But, before he decides to go away completely, let’s see if we are able to bring him some joy and motivation by going there and give him some love, ok guys?

His posts go from full, in-depth, reviews, with some of them having 3 pages to Game X in 3 hours.

– Overall Overview –

From the bat, here’s what I like about his blog:

  • The blog is really clean, which for me is a huge plus! Although he does have a sidebar with some things, the theme he using makes the sidebar viewable enough but without making almost half of the page… You know, like mine xD
  • Moreover, you have to love his avatar, designed completely by him and which sometimes makes an appearance in his own reviews
  • I love how in his reviews he always puts, in the beginning, the number of hours it will take for you to beat the game. It’s not like it will be for me since he does not take into account the trophy completion which will increase that number of hours. But, for people who have a life and only play games for the joy of it, it’s great to know how much time you will have to invest in a game.
  • Also, in the beginning, you have a link that will lead to his conclusion. If you really don’t want to read the full post you just click on that and see if he liked the game or not.
  • Last, but not the least, I like his 3 hours reviews where he talks about a game after playing a game. Something similar to what we sometimes read anime watchers talking about the 3 episodes rule.

– Favorite Post –

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Review [Minor Spoilers]

Ok, this is not only my favorite post from his blog but actually from any review I’ve seen from Dangaroopa so far! Here, he goes as the Ultimate Dangaronpa expert where he has to face a trial given by, no more, no less, than Mono-Kuma itself! It’s a really creative and out of box idea which makes you read a full and in-depth analysis of the game while having fun at the same time. He actually did put his avatar and Mono-Kuma avatar every time they were having a conversation.

– Conclusion –

In conclusion, follow him, that’s all 😀

To be honest, I should start taking some notes from his blog. From his design to his in-depth analysis, to his way to write things up. Everything works really well! The only sad thing is that he doesn’t post that many times. However, I can clearly understand why! I mean, those posts take way much longer to write versus my +-1000 words rambling posts full of personal analysis and not that much background check xD

So, don’t forget! If you are into gaming here’s a GREAT blog for you to follow!

See You Soon! 😀


2 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight | Mega Alatreon”

  1. Hey thanks for the excellent write up. Just one thing I wanna correct, the avatar is not actually made by me. It was made by one of my good friends @Art_of_Hadva on twitter! Also the danganronpa review is definitely the most unique post I’ve had on my blog, I might do something similar again in the future (maybe when a new Danganronpa game comes out), but for now I see it as the weird child of my site.

    Again thanks for the great post and mention, and I’ll definitely try hard to get back into the groove of writing again. Who knows, I might even have something out by the end of the week *wink* *wink* 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ups sorry! >.< I thought it was, thanks for clarifying 😛

      Well probably that's why I liked it, but Mega Alatreon does show up from time to time XD

      No problem 🙂 It was my pleasure! 😀 You deserve more love and way more followers ^^

      Liked by 1 person

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