17 thoughts on “Is Cuteness Enough? | Miira no Kaikata Review”

  1. Konny is such a misunderstood little creature. But, he tries and that’s what counts. I love this anime in a cuteness kind of sense. It made me feel good when I was really down.

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    1. Konny is my favourite character from the bunch! He’s just the cutest and funniest! ๐Ÿ˜€ It makes me happy to know that it helped you leveling up your spirit! It’s funny isn’t it, how people end up creating these kind of shows which mean so much for every each one of us! I’m sure that thought never passed at his minds… Or at least most of the times


  2. The cuteness is strong with this one.
    I totally loved the cute factor and that was just really calming to watch each week, but yeah, not a lot else to this anime. Overall, not the kind of thing I’d normally watch or recommend but there’s definitely some fun to be had provided you go in knowing that the cute factor is the highlight.

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  3. With Gakuen Babysitters this year, I think that it was nice having anime with maximum cuteness levels that didn’t focus on the usual anime tropes. It’s the kind of anime where you just want to relaxing watching cute little supernatural creatures do their thing with some character development. Also, Conny is the best.

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    1. I still need to watch Gakuen Babysitters honestly. However, I think that one has a little more hmmm… How should I say it?… Deeper plot? Something like that! I mean, it’s cute, but it’s also emotional… Don’t know if I’m right though

      Conny is clearly my favourite! I want one so much!

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