10 thoughts on “What Is a Psychological Anime?”

    1. Completely agree with you! I also think Psycho Pass also has a lot dealing with psychological.

      However, Classroom of the Elite and ReLife for example… Anime-Planet puts into the category of psychological and I don’t feel that’s true at all…

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      1. Hmm … I’ve not seen either, so couldn’t say for sure on them. There are always some odd anomalies in how things are classified though. Like, the supernatural elements led to Death Note being listed as horror in a local shop. I kinda agree with the classification in part, but can see why people argue against it too.

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  1. This is one of those nebulous terms that has kind of lost its meaning in the anime world. People (mis)use it a lot so the exact meaning is pretty muddy. I’m more inclined to agree with what you stated here though.

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    1. Yaiii! If you agree then I know I did a good job eheh I was a little scared that I had gone completely wrong ahah

      And yes… I didn’t know there was such a misuse until I decided to write a post about good psychological Anime lolol

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  2. Most anime just because they are “darker” get placed in this category which I can understand. They tend to be the anime that I watch the most of and I agree that the characters need to be in some sort of psychological crisis.

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