12 thoughts on “You Guys… You Are Not Going to Believe This! New Collab Announcement”

  1. I actually read the posts in reverse order (Lol I usually work my way down in the reader when I wake up lol), but this is so awesome! Two of my favorite all-time bloggers doing a team up? That is amazing! And having read these two posts…..it’s going to be amazing (and no, I didn’t have any doubts about that for a second 😊)

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    1. There is no order ahahah It’s basically two different conversations. It ended up being the first one to my blog. But, there was never an intention of having a continuity xD

      ahahah stop it! You spoil me too much you know? XD Thank you though!

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    1. Thank you so much Scott! Hope you enjoy it!

      In the meanwhile the first episode already came out! Did you watch it? I was completely surprised ahahah Didn’t expect the tone would be so dark LOL

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  2. Like Raistlin, I read the posts in reverse order so maybe there should have been a better indication of which comes first…

    It’s more likely I’ll be following Goblin Slayer than DakaIchi (the licensor’s name for Dakaretai). I say “more likely” because from what I’ve heard about the opening part of Goblin Slayer, it’s really gory…not that I’m opposed to gore because my top fall show is Golden Kamuy 2, but there is a slight chance that it might be /too/ gory or sensationalistic. But once the fall lineup is set (since I’m pretty sure both are set to be on Crunchyroll for me, there shouldn’t be any other barriers to entry except if I throw either show off my following list), I’ll probably be around for one show and/or the other.

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    1. That was actually my bad >.< There is not really an order! ahahah they are two different conversations… We just ended up doing the one for my blog first LOL

      Nice! It's gonna to be even more fun if we have other bloggers following the Animes and commenting about it xD

      I've actually watched the first episode from both of them yesterday and I was surprised by both LOLOL

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