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Nostalgic Fridays | Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

Hello everyone and welcome to our place! 😀

It’s been ages since I’ve done a gaming post, I know, and I’m sorry. But, it has become more and more difficult to play video games which means, it’s getting ever more difficult to finish games on time so I can review it! :/

Nevertheless, there are always some games that I can talk about, the old ones that I’ve played ages ago! ahah And that’s what is happening today. Now, this basically is in the same lights of “Should I Play X in 2018” but the name nostalgic Fridays came to my mind and felt way too good to not change it! 😀 So, everything is equal, except for the name xD

Today I bring you a puzzle kind of game that I loved in my childhood, I bring you:

– Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo –

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo GBA version
The GBA version is just an example 😛

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is a puzzle arcade game which was launched in 1996. It has been also released for a variety of consoles such as PlayStation, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Gameboy Advance, PSP, and mobile phone.

Later it was launched an improved version called Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD version for Xbox360 and PS3. Nowadays you can get in right in Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network.

The game features characters from a game I love, Street Fighter 2 and Darkstalkers in a chibi format. So, just for that, I knew I was in for a treat back in the day.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo character selection
It has Sakura, so I don’t need anything more!

– Not A Long Game, But Fun To Play With a Friend –

Nowadays, the game is very similar to many other puzzle games. You have like a Tetris kind of setting where your objective is to combine gems of the same color to create huge blocks. Then, you will need to use “special” gems which destroy all of the same gems that are touching each other. When you do this your opponent will get gems on his side.

Nothing new, I know. However, the way Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo presents it is really fun. In this case, when you are able to destroy the gems your character will do special attacks against the other character. The more gems you destroy the stronger the special attack is. Let’s take the example of Ryu. If you destroy a certain amount of gems he will do a small Hadouken. However, if you destroy a large amount he will do his special move as he would do in Street Fighter 2 if you did his special attack.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo ken hadouken

This kind of setting makes it all more pleasant and fun to play. Especially if you are a Street Fighter/Darkstalkers fan.

The game is not that big. If you do the campaign you probably will end the game in about 1 hour. Of course, you can then try to finish the game with all the different characters. However, contrary to a fighter game, even if you play with different characters the game ends up being the same.

It does have some hidden characters: Akuma and Dan from Street Fighter + Anita and the version Bat of Morrigan from Darkstalkers. However, these are gotten by doing certain things in the game, not really passing the game itself.

But, worry not, because Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo has player vs. player and there is where the game really brings the fun to the maximum.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo huge combo
Someone is going to get destroyed

If you play this on a console you can go and change the difficulty, which means that the game can be hard, or easy… It really depends on what you are looking for.

– Conclusion –

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo hd remix
It does seem a good HD version for me to try out! 😀

Even for today standards, I think Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is one of my favourite puzzle games to play with another person. When it comes to puzzle, arcade-ish games it really does not matter that much the graphics or the plot. You are there for the fun and that’s what it’s expected the game to give you. They call it casual games for something, right?

Have you ever played Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo? Did you like it? Tell me all in the comments! 😀

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo chun-li win
See You Soon! 😀

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13 thoughts on “Nostalgic Fridays | Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo”

  1. This is a really great game… although I had to swear off playing it against my former housemate because she was literally unbeatable at it. This is one of many games that has, over the years, provided compelling evidence that, for some reason, girls (even those who don’t play a lot of games) tend to be formidable opponents in puzzle games!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This one is so much fun! I loved it. One of the things I really liked about it was the fact that it sometimes seemed you were about to lose, and in seconds it could change again, bringing the hurt to your opponent. I agree with you that this is definitely the most fun puzzlegame that I have played for two players 😊 Gotta love nostalgia! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot eheh I don’t know if this exists or not… But it would be amazing if they were able to introduce multiplayer online! It would just be so freaking fun!


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