Goblin Slayer Mid-season Impressions
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Goblin Slayer Mid Season Impressions | Friendly Talks With Karandi

Oopsie daisy! This post is no longer here! You can read it at our new place Anime Shelter here!

6 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Mid Season Impressions | Friendly Talks With Karandi”

  1. I’m a bit in between to be honest 😊 I have to admmit that the series did lose a bit of momentum after the first two episodes. But then again the show also reminds me of my time playing Dungeons and Dragons, and that’s a good thing for me. Overall I think it’s still a fun show, but I do think it’s strange that after that really shocking opening they haven’t really gone back to being for lack of a better word: shocking. But that said, it’s still a fun show for me, and one I definitely won’t be dropping anytime soon 😊 Great post you guys! 😊

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    1. Yeah I’m with you! 😀 I do think though that if they stay like this it will just end up as a generic dungeon crawling Anime instead of a great one :/

      Thank you Raist! 😀 Glad you liked it eheh

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