19 thoughts on “I’m Accepting Guest Bloggers!”

  1. That’s really sweet of you Arthifis! Probably almost everyone you already know I also know 😂 and I won’t promote myself with my 61 followers as that is just my own fault for not posting a lot lately.

    But I will be on the lookout just in case 🌹

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  2. Great idea! I’d be interested in contributing something. I’ve got a few I’m working now that should be ready soon, which means they should have been ready a while ago, but, whatever…

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    1. Thanks! Glad you liked the idea 🙂

      Hmmm… Everyone is qualified! Although, I think everyone around the WordPress Anime Community knows you! But, hey, if you want to give it a go, I’m more than happy to have you 🙂


  3. I think the problem with doing blogger of the month features is that people don’t tend to reach outside their own circles – that is, only people who are familiar to you tend to feel comfortable enough to reach out to you and/or you have to make a conscious effort to read outside your own blogging circles. Either that, or you pick up on people who go “Why don’t I have more followers?”/people who are close to follower milestones, either of which actually doesn’t happen often enough to make that kind of post sustainable…but I digress.

    Now that I’m around the 150 follower mark, I think I’ll be doing just fine without guest posts…but best of luck to those who do take up the challenge.

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    1. True that! However, I did the blogger of the month without asking anyone 😛 I would just go and stalk some nice blogs ahah But, yes, it’s just way too difficult to mantain a monthly thing out of it!

      Okidoki! Glad you are growing eheh ^.^ If in a later future you want to do it, I’m more than happy to have you 🙂


    1. looool Well, you are more than welcome ^^ I’ll be waiting an email from you! And, you don’t really need to think if you are good enough or something like that! As you can see from my posts I’m not even close to being a pro or something like that xD


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