30 Days Anime Challenge


The 30-ish Day Anime Challenge | A christmas gift to you ❤ (11/27/2017) - What could be a best Christmas gift than showing you a little more about by myself by doing the 30 Day Anime Challenge? A Crunchiroll subscription?... Ok 😦
Day 2, I mean 3: Favorite male anime character | A mad scientist (11/28/2017) - There are so many good male characters in the Anime World, but for thi one I had to go with my favorite mad scientist of all time!
Day 4: Favorite Female Anime Character | A Company Owner and a Musician (11/29/2017) - Cheating for the win! I just couldn't pick one! That would just be impossible! And even by picking 2 I had a terribly time choosing >.<
Day 5: Anime ashamed of enjoying | 4 Girls and a Rock (11/30/2017) - I don't really believe in being ashamed for liking a thing... Everyone has the right to have their own tastes... So I went and found an Anime which general rating is way lower than the one I give to it 😀
Day 6: Anime I want to see but haven’t | Girls transforming into dogs? (12/1/2017) - Procrastination FTW! We all have one of these, a show that you know that you will probably love, but then you end up not watching it... Today, the challenge is about just that!
Day 7: Anime Crush | That’s Private :$ (12/2/2017) - I have so many crushes in the Anime world... Picking just one is just impossible, so I went with a girl and a boy! >.<
Day 8: Favourite Anime Couple | and some Honorable Mentions of course (12/3/2017) - There are so many Anime couples that I had to throw some honorable mentions in there xD
Day 9: Favourite Anime Villain | They Also deserve our love (12/4/2017) - There are SO many villains in the Anime world. I normally go for the ones who are fighting for a cause 😛 I cheated and just picked 2 insted of only 1 xD
Day 10: Favourite Fighter Anime | I Don’t Really Get this One (12/5/2017) - I don't get it.... What is a fighter anime? Is it the Anime, the scene or just the character? To be sure I just answered to the 3 of them!
Day 11: Favourite Mecha Anime | It’s easy when you only have watched 2 (12/6/2017) - I don't really watch mecha Anime so... This one was pretty easy to answer 😀
Day 12: Saddest Anime Scene | All aboard the feel train 2.0 (12/7/2017) - Because the saddest death for the gaming challenge wasn't enough, here we go into the feel train all over again.
Day 13: Anime Character I am most similar to | Thriving to be the best version of myself (12/8/2017) - One thing is certain... I'm always doing my best to improve myself. This way I had to go with the character I think is the most like that!
Day 14: Anime that never gets old | Let’s Spice the Things Up (12/9/2017) - I normally don't rewatch Anime... Unless it's Nana. Nevertheless I ended up watching this one not so long ago and you cans ay that my answer is biased because of that xD
Day 15: Favorite Anime Sidekick | Too… Many… Options! (12/10/2017) - Anime heroes would be nothing without their sidekicks... So... Yes... I cheated again!!! Let me be, ok? I just went with a human, pet and summoning!
Day 16: Best Animation | Besides Kimi no Na Wa. (12/11/2017) - We all know that Kimi No Na Wa. has the best animation of all time, so I bring you another one... Which is from the same creator of course 😛
Day 17: Favourite Male Anime Support Character | They Deserve a Show of Their Own (12/12/2017) - There are so many support characters than can shine even more than the main character. I went and picked the support characters who could easily have a show of their own!
Day 18: Favorite Female Anime Support Character | They also deserve a show of their own (12/13/2017) - I've talked about the male ones, now it's time for the female to take the spotlight! 🙂
Day 19: Most Epic Scene in Anime | 1 Book 1 Death (12/14/2017) - Does the title give it away? Probably it does! It's from Death Note of Course SPOILER ALERT btw!
Day 20: Anime Character that Gets on My Nerves | The Annoying One! (12/15/2017) - There are many annoying characters in Anime so I had to put them more than one! Just because your day couldn't become even worst!
Day 21: Favorite Goofy Anime Character | The Ones that Make You Laugh (12/17/2017) - From the most annoying to the characters that just make us laugh! That's a breath in of fresh air!
Day 22: Favorite Weapon, gear or armor in Anime | It’s all about fashion! (12/17/2017) - I love over the top fashion, so expect that in this post! Although when it comes to "normal" clothing I always go towards gothic when it comes to Anime!
Day 23: Favorite Attack in Anime | Ka…Me…Ah…Me…Not (12/18/2017) - You thought I would go with Dragon Ball for a second there didn't you? Well, not really! I just went with an attack from the Anime I've ben watching!
Day 24: Most Shocking Scene in Anime | Making my Mind Go Blank For a Few Seconds (12/19/2017) - SPOILER ALERT AGAIN! There are so many shocking moments in Anime that just makes you gasp in silence so I had to go with a few and not only one!
Day 25: Saddest Anime Death | All aboard the feel train 3.0 (12/20/2017) - Because... Why not feel depressed... AGAIN? These creators make us love characters just to kill them afterwards... I hate them! >.<
Day 26: Best Anime Fight | Awesomeness lvl 1000 (12/21/2017) - Anime has brought to us so cool fight animations that I've mentioned some of them along this challenge. So, today I'll just pick one!
Day 27: Most Badass Scene from an Anime Character | More Fighting Scenes \o/ (12/22/2017) - This is basically the same as yesterday! I mean for me badass scene = epic fighting scene... Oh well, I throw Yuri on Ice! there too!
Day 28: Favorite Quote From Any Anime Character | Hope it Inspires You (12/23/2017) - This one is just way to hard! So instead of one I chose several and instead of all Anime I narrowed it to Nana xD Cheating like a boss!
Day 29: An Anime I Wished it Was Real | I’m a Simple Guy (12/24/2017) - To be honest I'm really a simple guy! If it was from any fanasy world I would go with Harry Potter, since it's Anime I go with one that lets me live in the real world (I hope).
Day 30: An anime I wish never ended | It is Done \o/ (12/25/2017) - I was able to beat the challenge and it ends with a easy one too! Happy with myself *pats in his own back*