Top 10 Anime


The start of my top10 anime! (10/10/2017) - The Beginning of my Top 10 Anime and one of my first posts! Let's say I've grown as a writer since then!
Anime Number 9 – No Game No Life (10/17/2017) - No Game - No Life... Basically my motto! 2 Gamers go to a world where everything is settled by games! Nice premise, but does the Anime deliver it nicely?
Anime number 8 – Another (10/24/2017) - In a few words, the best horror Anime I've seen so far!
Anime number 7 – Your Lie in April (10/31/2017) - Your Lie in April is just beatiful! Few other stories made me to have so many feelings!
Anime Number 6 – Baccano! (11/7/2017) - Let's face it, most of the Anime I don't even know what is happening... But hey! I don't even know what is happening in my life most of times... So, there's that!
Anime number 5 – Ouran High School Host Club (11/14/2017) - I'm a sucker for stupid, funny animation and this one has a lot of that... And preety boys... And a good story... Damn I need to rewatch this...
Anime number 4 – Toradora! (11/21/2017) - You know when they write a masterpiece where every piece is written extremely well? Yeah... That's Toradora! for you
Anime Number 3 – Code Geass (11/28/2017) - Code Geass is just one of the most intelligent stories I've ever seen! I'm not really into mecha, but Code Geass is so much more than that! Without a doubt, one of the best Animes out there!
Anime Number 2: Steins Gate (12/5/2017) - We are almost at the end of the Top list!! Today I bring you one of the most complex stories in the Anime industry - Steins;Gate
Anime Number 1: And the Winner is… (12/12/2017) - It's here!!!! My favorite Anime of all time! This show just made me have so many feeling through it that well... It just has to be in number 1!