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anime motivation The Self-Motivation Battle #2 (9/26/2018) - Self-Motivation Battle... Round 2!
How Do I Measure My Posts’ Success (9/5/2018) - Long story short, how do I know if my posts are doing good or not?
nime unnimpressed Where did The Magic of Playing a New Game Go? (8/30/2018) - I remember when I was younger to save money for months, go to the store, buy the game and just feel so excited to try it out. Nowadays, things are a little different...
The Worst Tips I’ve ever Got! (8/29/2018) - We all had some of these... Those tips that you read/hear and instantly think "Are you stupid?"
fanacitism is never a good thing Fanaticism Is Never Good… (8/22/2018) - I'll be touching waters that I don't really know how or if I should touch. But, I wanted to give my opinion in how fanacitism is never a good thing.
The (Mis)Representation of LGBTQ+ in Persona 5 (8/9/2018) - Persona 5 is one of my favorite games of all time. However, as a gay fellow I couldn't pass by without addressing this issue!
Blogging is Making Anime and Gaming More Enjoyable! (8/8/2018) - I was scared that blogging would take some fun out of my entertainment outlets. But, it ends up that it just me enjoy them even more!
having personality Cuscu Why I Say Personality Is Everything As a Content Creator (7/30/2018) - I've said this a thousand times, showing your personality is super important when creating content. But, today I bring you an example! 😀
anime creative block When You Don’t Have Anything To Say (7/25/2018) - When one puts content every single day/week is just normal that sooner or later will have times where can't think in nice ideas. So, here's some tips to help creativity flowing!
Blogging is Hard! (7/11/2018) - Blogging is way more than just writing and takes a lot of time to grow a following base! Blogging is hard and we need to have that in our minds
What Happened in Tanacon thumbnail My 2 Cents Regarding Tanacon (6/30/2018) - Not my usual schedule and not my usual topic... But I just had to give my 2 cents about Tanacon madness!
How To Adult? (5/9/2018) - I'm 25 years old and I still think I'm a kid to be honest... So the question remains... How do I adult?
The Good (And The Bad) About KPop | Part 2: The Bad (5/2/2018) - Last week I talked about the good about Kpop... As everything, Kpop also has its own problems and I try to adress that this week!
The Good (And The Bad) About KPop | Part 1 : The Good (4/25/2018) - Kpop is trendy at the moment... I've been listening to it for some time now, so here's my noob ideas about it!
Why Do I Blog? (4/18/2018) - Blog does take a lot of my free time! And yes, it's true that I see it a little bit like a job, since one day I want to do this my career! But why do I love it so much?
Let’s Talk About Pride (4/11/2018) - Pride is something that is talked when representing the minorities... But, do you know which is the biggest minority of them all? Every each individual!
Time Management | Work, Blog & Life in General – Finding the Balance (3/28/2018) - One of the things that I had to learn quickly was time management! We only have 24 hours a day and if you like to sleep as I do you really need to make each awake hour count!
Am I good Enough? (3/21/2018) - Everyone has times of doubt and this is one of them... This is without a doubt one of the most difficult posts to put it out there for being so personal!
My Love Story | 5th Anniversary (3/12/2018) - Guess who just crossed the milestone of being 5 years with the same person!!!!!!! And I still love every moment of it!
To Zombie Or Not To Zombie? There is No Question! (3/7/2018) - You know when you start thinking about a zombie outbreak? Yeah, that's what happened this weekend and I wanted to write a post about it!
My 3 Blogging Senpais | Let’s Make Them Uncomfortable (2/17/2018) - When you do something you always have someone who you look up for! Well, these are the 3 people who inspire me the most when it comes to blogging!
Valentine’s Day | Love Yourself (2/14/2018) - This week is all about the Valentine's! But you know what is the most important of all? To love yourself! ❤
Yuri On Ice from a Performer Perspective (1/3/2018) - Yuri on Ice is a great Anime overall! But, there is something that really makes me love it! How accurate it is from a performer perspective!
One Year of My Life in a Post (12/27/2017) - It's the end of the year and, although I'm not the kind of guy to mingle in the year that has past I thought this could be a great exercise to do in the blod 😛
Why, as a gay guy, I don’t like Shounen-ai animes! (12/6/2017) - I'm gay, I love gay relationships... But I just can't bare with all the troupes that we normally find in the shounen-ai genre...
Confessions: Am I getting addicted to my blog stats? (11/25/2017) - Statistics are important, but we need to be able to not get addicted to check them up a million times everyday... Or at least I would to be able to do that!
I’m an introvert! Why is there a problem with that? (11/21/2017) - I'm a manager... Or in the path to be one. I can't count the times that people have told me that to be a manager I need to more extroverted... I'm an introvert why is there a problem with that? I don't think there is one!
A small update and a BIG THANK YOU! (11/19/2017) - Irina basically was the first person making my blog to blossom and this is the first thank you to her in this blog... The first of many xD
Anime Blogging Party at the Living Room (11/15/2017) - It's an Anime Party! In my living Room!!! You are ALL invited 😀