Mental Health


Let’s Talk About Anxiety. (1/10/2018) - So... It's time! I've suffered from high anxiety levels during a year or so and I was able to beat it! So, I want to share my story with you with the hopes of helping 🙂
Panic Attacks | When the Storm Kicks in (1/17/2018) - Let's start with tips for you anxious people 🙂 I'm going to start with the ones more difficult to control! Panic attacks!
Anxiety High Level | Red Alert (2/7/2018) - I've talked about panic attacks, today I'm going to address the time when I had high level anxiety in a daily basis.
Continue, Don’t Quit : You Are Not in This Alone — Reblog (2/7/2018) - Not my original post, but Auri-san, Rin-san, Rai-san and REmy-nii are really doing something great here!
Anxiety – Medium Level | Somewhat In Control (2/21/2018) - I gave my tips I used when I was in a high level of anxiety last week. This time I come with tips for the middle level! It's time to start getting out of the confort zone!
Anxiety – Low Level | Time To Wrap Up (2/28/2018) - Last, but not the least! It's time for my tips to when I was with a low level of anxiety! It's time to treat the core problem now!
Accepting Our Emotional Scars | The Lost Village (8/28/2018) - The Lost Village (Mayoiga), being good or bad, has made me think a lot about my own emotional scars...
the battle of self-motivation The Self-Motivation Battle #1 (9/12/2018) - In a perfect world, I think motivation would be like an Anime, there would always be people there shouting "Gambatte". However, that's not what we get in the real world.