30 Days Challenge

The 30-ish Day Video Game Challenge | Let’s go retro shall we? (11/27/2017) - If I give this present to the Anime readers I also had to give it to my gaming readers! Isn't this the best christmas gift? No... You would prefer a PS4, you say?... Sorry!
Day 3: Favorite video game Character | A Black Mage and a Witch of the Wilds (11/28/2017) - Ok, I cheat a little on this one, but how am I suppose to choose just one character from the gaming world???
Day 4: A Game that is Underrated |I cheat on this one too! (11/29/2017) - And the cheating continues! There are so many games out there that deserves more love, so... I had to go with 4!
Day 5: Guilty Pleasure Game | Uh lá lá (11/30/2017) - I don't really believe in guilty pleasures. I think everyone has the right to like what they like... But, for the sake of the challenge I think I go a really nice one! 😀
Day 6: Character I’m most alike | A NPC Probably (12/1/2017) - Let's face it... I'm just a regular guy , so I would probably just be a NPC... And a BAD one! I can't give directions even if my life depended on it!
Day 7: Most Annoying Game Character | I don’t have words to describe THIS one (12/2/2017) - There are many annoying characters in gaming... But none, NONE surpasses this one!
Day 8: Favorite Game Couple | When Killing Monsters Gives You More Than Loot and Exp (12/3/2017) - It's just normal that if you go in a huge journey killing monsters and passing so much time together that you end getting fond of someone... Today I talk about the best couple!
Day 9: Best game soundtrack | Relaxing and Heartwarming (12/4/2017) - For me, music is the most important thing in video games! So, answering this one was a little difficult 😛
Day 10: Saddest Game Scene | All Aboard the Feel Train (12/5/2017) - I really live these deaths you know? Like to the point of crying!!! I just passed the rest of my day depressed because of this...
Day 11: Best Gameplay | when it just feels right! (12/6/2017) - And again... I cheat! I mean, at this point you are accostumated to it 😛 Today I bring you 3 games that just hit the stop when it comes to gameplay!
Day 12: Gaming System of Choice | Where can I play Final Fantasy? (12/7/2017) - I don't really believe in the console wars or what you call it... Nevertheless, there is one that has a special place in my heart!
Day 13: A Game Everyone Should Play | I Never Thought I Had Played So Many Differnt Genres (12/8/2017) - There are so many that I just picked one for every each genre I've played... You can say that I am the rules bending master by now!
Day 14: A Game I Played More than 5 Times | No… I Don’t Need Help (12/9/2017) - Just one? LOL I have way more games than that! Yes... I'm a gaming addicted... No, I don't need help! Thank you though
Day 15: Most Recent Gaming Wallpaper | Some Nice visuals for your PC Background (12/10/2017) - I don't really use gaming pc wallpapers anymore... But well, I can show you the one of my mobile phone and then give you some nice visuals for you to use, right? 😀
Day 16: Screenshot from the Game I’m Playing | I’m a Multi Tasker (12/11/2017) - Here's a random fact about me... I never play only one game at a time!
Day 17: Game With the Best Cut Scenes | Got a Lot of Nostalgia With This One (12/12/2017) - Ooooh... There are so many awesome cut scenes in gaming that just take your breath away! I went with one for system (I've played).
Day 18: Favorite Antagonist | They deserve our lov… Probably not this time (12/13/2017) - Well... Contrary to Anime normally the antagonists in gaming do not really deserve our love... They are just the worse!
Day 19: Favorite Protagonist | Of Course It’s one of the Final Fantasy Series (12/14/2017) - You all know by now that I'm a Final Fantasy junky, so yeah... The favorite protagonist has to be from there!
Day 20: A game world I would like to live in | You Chose the Game This Time (12/15/2017) - The ultimate cheat! Making YOU chose for me! I'm just so smart!!! *tries to convince himself in the mirror*
Day 21: Favorite Video Game Genre | I Think You All Know the Answer for This One (12/17/2017) - I mean if the love for Final Fantasy does not give it away, then you can think of my love for Dragon Age... If not those, Persona then! xD
Day 22: Game With The Best Story | No! It Is Not a Rpg (12/17/2017) - So that I get out of the RPG genre for a bit I went with a stody that really has a special place in my part which is not RPG!
Day 23: Sequel that Disappointed me | How Could You do This To Me? (12/18/2017) - There are several names that come to mind, but there is one that completely outstand all of them... For the negative of course!
Day 24: Game With Best Art Style | It’s Time For the Artists to Shine (12/19/2017) - For me, to talk about style we need to take into account the time the games came out, so I give one for each console I've played.
Day 25: Favorite Classic Game | Lets Go Retro… Again! (12/20/2017) - I mean... What does classic mean in 2017? For me PS1 games will never be retro! That would mean I had to say I was old and I'm not doing it!
Day 26: Game I am Planing To Play | God there are SO MANY (12/21/2017) - Something that you need to understand about me is... I want to play basically everything that comes out okay?
Day 27: Best Voice Acting | When it seems you are watching a movie (12/22/2017) - I can't do a best voice acting without separating the English and Japanese dub! I mean, the same game can be awesome in one side and horrible in the other 😀
Day 28 – Most epic scene ever in Video Games | When the Game Gives you Goosebumps (12/23/2017) - Again, there are too many and I'm going to cheat and put a bunch of them there! Also, a lot of Final Fantasy!
Day 29: Favorite Game Developer | You Already Know the Answer! (12/24/2017) - I mean... Come on! I've talked about Final Fantasy non-stop throughout the challenge!
Day 30 – A game I thought I wouldn’t like, but ended up loving | It is Done 2.0 (12/25/2017) - Another one for the check list! 😀 Hope you had fun!