Gaming Holidays


Resident Evil 7 Review, Not For The Fainthearted | Horror April (4/26/2018) - This is, at the moment my favorite horror game of all time! Never a game made me feel on the edge so much and for so long!
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Review, Zombies Everywhere | Horror April (4/19/2018) - Resident Evil 3 is not the scariest game out there, but I remember having a LOT of fun back in the day when I played this on my PS1
Silent Hill Review, The Lost Daughter | Horror April (4/12/2018) - I couldn't go through Horror April without speaking of Silent Hill! I mean, this is one of the best Horror Games until today!
Until Dawn Review, The Butterfly Effect | Horror April (4/5/2018) - It's the first post off Horror April! A month dedicated to Horror Games! 😀 I start with Until Dawn, a brilliant game 😀
It’s Halloween!! Videogame Edition (11/3/2017) - Again... I'm a HUGE fan of Horror! This way I couldn't just pass by addressing Anime and not speak about some of my favorite horror video games!


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