Top 10 Video Games


The Start of My TOP10 Videogames (10/12/2017) - The beginning of my Top 10 Video Games and one of my first posts to write! Well, I can see that I've grown since then!
Videogame Number 9 – Final Fantasy XII (10/19/2017) - Final Fantasy XII is not my favorite of the series but is one of them! For me it's the one that was able to deliver the best World Map ever!
Videogame number 8 – Persona 3 (10/27/2017) - Persona 3 brought me to another world of RPGs that I was used to! I can't use words to explain how excited I was by having a RPG where I also had to walk around a small city in Japan.
Videogame number 7 – Rift (11/2/2017) - Probably outdated at this point, BUT Rift will always have a special place in my heart! My all time favorite MMORPG from all time!
Videogame number 6 – Age of Mythology (11/9/2017) - A RTS with an excellent story and mythology from around the world! Come on! What is there not to like?
Videogame number 5 – Final Fantasy X (11/16/2017) - Final Fantasy X has one of the best stories in the gaming history! Yeah the gameplay can be a little boring, but... THAT STORY!
Videogame number 4 – Warcraft 3 (11/23/2017) - My favorite RTS of all time! I don't even know how to write an excerpt for this one... The game is just brilliant!!!!
Videogame number 3 – Persona 5 (11/30/2017) - Persona 5 came, picked what I loved from the Persona genre and made it even better! It has been ages since a video game made such impact on me!
Video Game number 2 – Dragon Age: Origins (12/7/2017) - For me Dragon Age: Origins is the best RPG for PC, period. It completely changed how I see RPGs!
Video Game number 1: And the Winner is…. (12/14/2017) - This is it! My favorite game of all time! The one that made me fall for the RPG genre until this day!