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Hi everyone!

My name is Arthifis and welcome to my place!

At the moment I am trying to learn more about digital marketing and social media. This way I started this blog to start “experimenting the internet” in a more active way (until now I was always that kind of guy who sees but never comments or post anything).

The blog will be about three main subjects: Anime, Gaming and Marketing (probably more about digital marketing than tradicional marketing). Basically I will write about things I like to do and what am I learning at the present. I am not a professional (or even good) writer, but I will try my best, so please bare with me. I think I will get better with experience (I hope!). I am a really “to the point” and rational type of a guy, so if you are looking for someone who writes with all that flourished (do you say that in english?) words and setences as a good writer normally do I amm sorry to disappoint you 😦

My objective is simple, to learn and develop all kind of skills around digital marketing and writing. However, I DO know that I need to deliver something that you may like so you read the things I write (and I really want for you to like my posts and feel good when browsing my blog), this way I will  deliver you my personal opinion about gaming in general and anime. Moreover, since I always felt that I learnt more when  I tried to explain to other people the subject I am into, I will also post about digital marketing, at least for now (we never know what will I want to learn next :P)

So, I think that’s it… I am Arthifis and this is my place! You are welcome to stay all the time you want! I have plenty of room and maybe someday instead of being only my place it could be our place. We never know!

Please, feel free to comment and give me your opinion, not only in what you would like me to talk about, but also CONSTRUCTIVE critics in where and how should I improve so I can give you the best I am able to.

See ya soon! 🙂


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