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“Do You Wanna Build a Shonen?” | Politics System “Do You Wanna Build a Shonen?” | Politics System (11/7/2018) - Such a great tag Astral created and I'm so freaking happy to have been tagged to it by Kimchisama! Thank you both ❤
The Blog Evolution Tag With the Awesome Biblionyan (9/28/2018) - Oopsie daisy! This post is no longer here! You can read it at our new place Anime Shelter here!
It Seems I Didn’t Do Everything To Enter the Brotherhood Last Time… (8/20/2018) - It seems my first initiation process was not 100% correct, thak you Rossi for giving me a second chance! 😀
anime happiness 13 Reasons Why – The Second (8/13/2018) - I've did the first 13 reasons, but here's 13 more! 😀 Thank you Matt for the tag ❤
Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award | I Feel That I Am Part of Something Here (8/6/2018) - It seems I've been invited... I mean tagged for the Brotherhood. I'll wait for my secret mission to arrive any minute now. Thank you Mel ❤
Create A Story Tag: Clair de Lune (Music + School + Drama) (7/24/2018) - I got tagged for the create a story so I wrote a small story about love and loss. The name is Clair de Lune, a tribute to Debussy.
Unique Arthifis is Unique! (7/16/2018) - It's my third nomitation for the Unique Award, so I'm guessing I really am unique... In a bad way I'm sure xD Thank you ShaddowCat for the nomination ❤
build a harem challenge Build A Harem Tag | I’m the Prince of Course! (7/2/2018) - I just got tagged by the lovely Mel for the build harem tag! I couldn't be more excited (and scared) about this! Thank you Mel ❤
My Reasons Why Award | One of the Best Initiaves I’ve Seen so Far (5/7/2018) - 13 Reasons Why is just one of the best tags I've seen so far in the WP community! Thank you Kimchisama for creating it!
One Liner Tag | I Really Love This Tag! (4/30/2018) - This tag is just so much fun! Hope I did well, although I'm pretty sure there are people out there way more creative than me xD
People Continue to Think I’m Neat? Oo (4/23/2018) - I got nominated again for the neat award! I mean, how the hell do you still think that about me? XD Thank you Flowangelic for the nomination! ❤
Sunshine Blog Award | Shine Bright Like a Sunshine! (4/16/2018) - Shine bright like a Diam... I mean, sunshine! Do you have that music in your head now? Good! 😀 Thank you Spooky and Triform for the nomination! ❤
It Seems that People Continue Thinking I’m Lovely! ❤ (4/9/2018) - So I got a new nomination for the lovely award!!! Thank you so much Keiko for the nomination! ❤
And IIIIIIIIII…. IAIIIII WILL ALWAYS… LOVE YOUUUUU~! | Liebster Award 3.0 (3/26/2018) - It's my third Liebster award nomination and this time I was triple nominated Oo Wasn't expecting this at all! Thank you ShadowCat, Karandi and Lili! ❤
We are All Sort of Unique… Right? (3/19/2018) - I got nominated for the Unique award this time! I think we all are different and therefore unique, right? Thank you ShadowCat and Laura for the nomination! ❤
It’s Because I’m Hard To Look Up Front I Take It | The Sunshine Blogger Award (3/14/2018) - Another award! I'm starting to feel important guys ahah This time, the sunshie award! Thank you so much Lina! ❤
I’m Mysterious… The Good Kind Of Mysterious I Hope (3/5/2018) - There are two type of mysterious... The really creepy ones and then the sexy ones. I hope I fall in the latest! Thank you King for the tag! ❤
3 Days 3 Quotes Tag | Third Day: Free as a Bird (2/27/2018) - Last day everyone! It seems I was able to do it! Yesss! \o/
3 Days 3 Quotes Tag | Second Day: Wanting and Needing, 2 different things (2/26/2018) - Uff! I was able to make the first day! Time for another quote! Let's see if this one is also interesting to you!
It Seems People Find me Neat | Good… I am Deceiving Everyone Muahahah (2/26/2018) - If you entered my room you would know why I'm saying that I am deceiving everyone! Thank you Sam and CouchCruisin for the tag! ❤
3 Days 3 Quotes Tag | First Day: Do It Yourself (2/25/2018) - Thank you Auri for the tag! I'm not really good with quotes, but let us see where this goes! 😀
Growing Step by Step! (2/19/2018) - So, this time I was tagged by one of my blog senpais! This makes me so happy! Senpai did notice me eheh 😀 Thank you Irina! ^.^
Blogger Recognition Award | RECOGNIZED??? Wait? Meee? (1/26/2018) - I really wasn't expecting to be recognized... AND TWICE in a row! I don't have words! Thank you It's An Anime Thing and King for the nomination! ❤
The Liebster Award 2.0 | Because Spreading the Love is Never Too Much (1/5/2018) - Not once, but being nominated 3 times for the Liebster award just makes me so happy and proud! Thank you Britney and Moyatorium for the nominatation!
The Lovely Award | Well… That’s a First! (12/4/2017) - I've called many things... But, lovely... That's a first!!! Thank you Nerdy Perspective for the award ^.^
Five Flaming Hotties Tag | It’s getting hot in here (11/29/2017) - It's the Five Falming Hotties Tag! Take a seat and prepare to feel horn... I mean excited! Men ad women this post has it all!
Unique Blog Award | Mama they say I’m unique!!!! (11/27/2017) - Mama!!!! They say I'm unique!!! No... Not retarded... Unique... I think ? xD Thank you Nesha for nominating me eheh
The Liebster Award | Sharing the love in the blogging community (11/22/2017) - My very first award! Oh the thrill... The happiness!!! Thank you Chizurue 😀 You will always be my first 🙂