I’m Moving… And You Are Coming With Me! (12/1/2018) - The time has come! Time to step up our game and go to WordPress.org!
I'm Accepting Guest Bloggers I’m Accepting Guest Bloggers! (11/28/2018) - It's true that I still don't have a really high traffic. But, if you are a brand new blogger, I may be able to help you 🙂
I’m Cooking Something Up! (10/31/2018) - I'm still alive everyone!!!!
Time To Answer Your Questions!!! (10/24/2018) - Here it is! The answers to all of your questions you asked on the 500 follower post 😀
We Turned 1-Year-Old Yesterday! (10/9/2018) - Damn... It has been a year already? Oo Clearly time flies when you have so much fun! Thank you everyone for making part of our place ❤
500 Followers Party: Q&A, Give Away and Secret Project Revealed!!! (10/8/2018) - I would never, NEVER believe if one year ago when I started blogging someone told me I would have 500 followers at some point... But, here we are! ❤
Time for a New Update! (9/28/2018) - It's time for a new update! Spoiler Alert: Going on Vacations! 😀
anime playing games What I’m Playing Right Now (9/13/2018) - I love to read when my favourite bloggers do an update in what they are playing. So, I decided to do it too! 😀 Hope you enjoy it!
Arthifis update Life Update Aug 2018 (8/15/2018) - Today I was with no creativity whatsoever, so I decided to use this time to tell you what's happening in my life right now 😀
Anime relaxing in the sea I’m Going On a Vacation! (7/13/2018) - Finally, a vacation! I've been looking forward to this for months now! 😀
So…. I Did My First Stream :’D (7/4/2018) - So... I did my first stream and it was horrible of course! But, funny at the same time ahah
The Last Update – Let’s talk about… Money! (6/21/2018) - Ok, it's time to talk about money! 😀 I want to do blogging as full-time so this was a step I just had to take!
What can You Expect From Our Little Place From Now On (6/20/2018) - I've been out for a month! You really thought I didn't bring new ideas after that? 😀
300 Followers! We can Populate a Small Village Now! (6/19/2018) - Yeah! You read that right! We just got to the 300 followers!!! Thank you all so much! ❤
I’m baaaack! The Remodelations are finished!!! (6/18/2018) - After a month, I'm finally back! Here is everything you need to know about all the things I've changed in my design! 🙂
Blog Update | Going in a Full Fledged Hiatus (5/15/2018) - Now it's for real! I'm going in a full fledged hiatus starting next week! The reason: Compleely going to change the design 😛
200 Followers | Welcome to Our Place | 1 GIF | 1 Present | 0 Push-ups! (3/22/2018) - OH MY GOD! 200 Followers! I just don't know what to say! Thank you all so much ❤ (No push-ups this time!)
Small Update | Blog Design (3/11/2018) - Just a small update about the design of my blog 🙂
Welcome to My Place | Sims 4 Edition (2/9/2018) - I was just playing with Sims 4 and thought... Why not do a house as if it was my own my place and post it in the blog? And yeah, that's it! 😛
100 People Anime Partying & I Need a Little Help! (1/31/2018) - Remember that party I started in my living room / Facebook? Yeah, we are 100 now! 😀
100 Followers 100 Push-Ups (1/24/2018) - Oh my god! I can't believe this!!! 100 followers! Not in a million years I thought this would happen! Thank you all so much! ❤
Random Anime Series | How Is This Going to Work? (12/26/2017) - I told you that I was going to be doing a Random Anime series, but what does that mean?
Top Series Ended! What now? (12/19/2017) - Top ten series has ended and therefore I need to go up in my game! Here's the new series that I'm going to do in the following months!
Small Life Update – I got a Job! (12/11/2017) - Well... The title is self-explanatory! I got a job!
Quick Update | Started a gaming Youtube Channel (12/6/2017) - This should be called "I tried to start a Youtube channel and failed miserably"!
A Tiny Design Update (11/20/2017) - It's a new update! A tiny one this time... Basically changed the theme of the blog lolol
A small update and a BIG THANK YOU! (11/19/2017) - Irina basically was the first person making my blog to blossom and this is the first thank you to her in this blog... The first of many xD