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My TOP 5 Classes To Play In RPGs My TOP 5 Classes To Play In RPGs (10/25/2018) - I don't really know how I haven't thought on writing this one before!
top of final fantasy games Time to Make a Top Final Fantasy List! (8/23/2018) - Didn't know what to write today, so I decided to go with my Top Final Fantasy Games 😀
Let’s Celebrate Women | Top 10 Female Characters in Video Games (3/8/2018) - It's the International Women's day and I just couldn't pass this day without celebrating! So, here is my top 10 female video game characters!
TOP 3 Video Games I played This Year | Yeah It’s a Filler Post (12/28/2017) - It's a filler post so I can start the new series fresh in the beginning of the year! Nevertheless, I think this one is interesting! 😀