Final Fantasy Series

top of final fantasy games Time to Make a Top Final Fantasy List! (8/23/2018) - Didn't know what to write today, so I decided to go with my Top Final Fantasy Games 😀
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII | Betrayed (3/22/2018) - So, I tried a thing completely different from what I normally do when I write reviews... Hope you liked it! At least more than I liked Crisis Core!
World Of Final Fantasy | CUTE! (3/15/2018) - All Final Fantasy games in one and with a chibbi appearance! Do I need to say more? CU-TE!
Final Fantasy Type 0 HD | Don’t Know What’s Happening But I’m Liking It! (3/1/2018) - A nice game I've been played in my PS4! 😀 I don't know what is happening in the story, though xD
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance | Being Transported Inside Your Favorite Game (2/22/2018) - I've done all the main installments for the Final Fantasy franchize, it's time to go to the other games as well! 😀 Starting with this GBA Gem!
Final Fantasy XV | 4 Friends Doing Repetive Side Quests (2/15/2018) - I had a lot of hyper for this game, not gonna lie! But, well... My expectations were not met, not in a bit!
Final Fantasy X-2 | Yuna is a Badass Now (2/8/2018) - Final Fantasy X is one of my favorite games of all time! This sequel is not as good, but it was really fun to play! 😛
Final Fantasy IX | Black Mages of the Death (2/1/2018) - Not my favorite, need to confess! But, nevertheless it is a solid game and fun to play! 😀
Final Fantasy 8 | SEEDs of Draw (1/25/2018) - There is a special place in my heart for Final Fantasy 8! It's true it is not in my top 10 favorites, but it sure is in the 20! 😀
Final Fantasy VI | A Game Ahead of Its Time (1/18/2018) - Final Fantasy 6 was a really awesome game to play! Even though I played it years after its release I could easily see that it was a game ahead of its time!
Final Fantasy V Review | Boko, The Best Companion! (1/11/2018) - It's time for the next Final Fantasy game! Basically Final Fantasy V introduced me to my favourite music of the series of all time!
Final Fantasy IV Review| From Dark Knight to Paladin (1/4/2018) - Final Fantasy IV is the oldest Final Fantasy I've played, so it just makes sense to start the Final Fantasy series from there, right?
Videogame number 5 – Final Fantasy X (11/16/2017) - Final Fantasy X has one of the best stories in the gaming history! Yeah the gameplay can be a little boring, but... THAT STORY!
Videogame Number 9 – Final Fantasy XII (10/19/2017) - Final Fantasy XII is not my favorite of the series but is one of them! For me it's the one that was able to deliver the best World Map ever!