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Isao Takahata Tribute By The Aniwriter (12/5/2018) - Hayao Miyazaki may be regareded as one of the greatest directors of all time, but there is another man who deserves to be recognized, Isao Takahata.
Arthifis’ Anime Daily News |Mamoru Hosoda Interview, Blade Runner 2049 Inspired Anime Series, and More (11/29/2018) - Time for your daily news! Today we Mamoru Hosoda Interview, Blade Runner 2049 Anime Series, and more!
Arthifis Daily Anime News Arthifis’ Anime Daily News | Cowboy Bebop Live-Action, Yahoo Planet Vegeta and More (11/28/2018) - Time for your daily news! Today we have Cowboy Bebop live-action, Yahoo Planet Vegeta and others! πŸ˜€
Late-Season Impressions Goblin Slayer Goblin Slayer Late Season Impressions | Friendly Talks With Karandi (11/28/2018) - Time to go over Goblin Slayer again and comment the evolution in the last episodes with the awesome Karandi!
Arthifis Daily Anime News Arthifis’ Anime Daily News | Neon Genesis Evangelion, TROYCA, and More (11/27/2018) - Time for your Anime Daily News! This time we have Netflix killing the game, yet again!
Arthifis Daily Anime News Arthifis’ Anime Daily News | My Hero Academy, HunterxHunter and More (11/26/2018) - Time for your Anime Daily News! This time we will MAH, HunterxHunter and more! πŸ™‚
Arthifis Daily Anime News Arthifis’ Anime Daily News | A new Series (11/23/2018) - Goblin Slayer censoring scenes, Pokemon marathon on Twitch and Netflix December Anime Titles!
Arthifis Ultimate Guide for Anime 2018 Fall Season Arthifis Ultimate Guide For The Anime 2018 Fall Season (11/20/2018) - Are you still not sure which Anime to follow this Fall Season? This guide is for you!
Goblin Slayer Mid-season Impressions Goblin Slayer Mid Season Impressions | Friendly Talks With Karandi (11/5/2018) - It's time to sit down and speak with Karandi again. How has been Goblin Slayers' evolution so far?
6 Things Natsume Taught Me About Friendship | Natsume’s Week (10/26/2018) - Natsume is a great Anime which teaches about a LOT, one in particularly is true friendship.
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru Run in the sunset Run With The Wind… Sort Of! | Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru First Impressions Review (10/23/2018) - I think I got a little click baited by MAL on this one. But, it's ok! It's been a pretty fun "run" for now!
anima yell kohane class introduction The Anime About Chair… I mean… Cheerleading! | Anima Yell! First Impressions Review (10/22/2018) - Let's all do some chair... ehhh.... wait... What? | Anima Yell! First Impressions!
A Monochrome World | Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara First Impressions Review A Monochrome World | Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara First Impressions Review (10/18/2018) - Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara is, without a doubt, one of the best Animes when it comes to background animation this fall season!
Bloom Into You | Yagate Kimi ni Naru First Impressions Beautiful and Relaxing | Bloom Into You First Impressions Review (10/17/2018) - Bloom Into You First Impressions Review | Is it the Right Anime for you to watch this Fall Season?
Anime Fall Season 2018 | What I’ll Be Watching (10/16/2018) - I know it's a little late, but here's what I'll be watching this fall season!
goblin slayer first impressions review Goblin Slayer First Impressions | Friendly Talks with Karandi (10/15/2018) - First post of Friendly Talks With Karandi where we discuss our first impressions about Goblin Slayer.
Steins;Gate 0 Review Steins;Gate 0 | A Masterpiece or a Flop? (10/10/2018) - When you do a sequer for an Anime that is considered a masterpiece you need to make sure you don't drop the quality. Did Steins;Gate 0 guaranteed the same quality as his prequel?
What Is a Psychological Anime? What Is a Psychological Anime? (9/25/2018) - What is a psychological Anime? It seems I can't find a straight answer from the Internet, so I decided to do some research and come up with one!
The Shounen-Ai We All Deserve | Doukyuusei -Classmates- (9/24/2018) - I've mentioned Doukyuusei from time to time, but never really did a review about it! So, today I bring you the best Shounen-Ai Anime ever.
Is Cuteness Enough? | Miira no Kaikata Review (9/18/2018) - Miira no Kaikata is the cutest Anime I've ever seen! But, is that enough to be a good Anime?
Comparing Mushishi with Natsume Same Background Going With Completely Different Routes | Mushishi & Natsume (9/11/2018) - It's crazy when you try to compare Mushishi with Natsume. Although the background is somewhat similar, the route is completely different!
Top 5 Female Characters from Naruto Top 5 Male Characters from Naruto (9/4/2018) - Time for you to know who the hell I like the most in the Naruto series πŸ˜€ Male version this time!
Playing Cupid With LAMA Collab Announcement! – Playing Cupid With L.A.M.A. (9/3/2018) - Did you think the hot guys had ended? Think again! Fresh collab with Lina, Mel and Aria! Let's ship some guys, shall we?
Accepting Our Emotional Scars | The Lost Village (8/28/2018) - The Lost Village (Mayoiga), being good or bad, has made me think a lot about my own emotional scars...
the lost village anime review I Don’t Understand Why People Hate The Lost Village So Much? (8/21/2018) - I don't understand why people hate The Lost Village Anime so much. I mean, it's not the best, but it isn't the worst either.
vampire holmes worst anime ever Horrible Anime Quest | How To Make Vampire Holmes Bearable to Watch (8/14/2018) - Remember when I said Dynamic Chord was the worst Anime ever? Scratch that! This one takes the lead!
The (Mis)Representation of LGBTQ+ in Persona 5 (8/9/2018) - Persona 5 is one of my favorite games of all time. However, as a gay fellow I couldn't pass by without addressing this issue!
Blogging is Making Anime and Gaming More Enjoyable! (8/8/2018) - I was scared that blogging would take some fun out of my entertainment outlets. But, it ends up that it just me enjoy them even more!
How to Improve Dynamic Chord Anime What Would I Change to Make Dynamic Chord Bearable To Watch (8/7/2018) - We all know, Dynamic Chord is considered one of the worst Animes ever. So, here's what would I change to make it at least bearable to watch!
aggretsuko funny Finally an Anime I Can Relate – Aggretsuko (7/31/2018) - I love Anime, but let's face it, I can't relate to most of it. This way, it was fresh to finally watch an Anime that I could relate from the beginning to the end!
Steins;Gate TimeLines for Dummies! (7/17/2018) - I'm not a smart person, so I need to have things explained in an easy way. So I decided to explain Steins;Gate Worldlines for people without a PHD in Time Travel!
Good Luck Girl! | Binbougami ga! Review – Just… Hilarious! (7/10/2018) - It's time for another Random Anime review! This time it's all about Good Luck Girl! A hilarious Anime that made me laugh throughout all the 13 episodes!
Dynamic Chord Review – Dynamic Only in Its Name | The Horrible Anime Quest Starts (7/3/2018) - The Horrible Anime Quest Starts and the first one is Dynamic Chord! Dynamic only in its name I'm sure!
Fune Wo Amu thumbnail Fune wo Amu | The Great Passage, Review: Who Said Dictionaries Aren’t Interesting? (6/26/2018) - Fune wo Amu really got me by surprise. I wasn't expecting much, but it ended up to be a beautiful Anime!
Hunger Games: Anime Edition – The Final Battle (5/8/2018) - It's the Final Battle! Pikachu or Erza, who's gonna win it all?
Hunger Games: Anime Edition – Double Kill! (4/24/2018) - This time we have a double kill! Someone is on a roll!!!!
Hunger Games: Anime Edition – Teaming Up! (4/17/2018) - The Hunger Games continue! Almost half of them are dead so it's time to start teaming up and that's what they did!!!
Hunger Games: Anime Edition – Electricity vs Air (4/10/2018) - Electricity vs Air... Can you guess who is fighting today? Yeah? Now who kills and who dies? πŸ˜€
The Hunger Games: Anime Edition | Assassin vs. Mad Scientist (4/3/2018) - One down, it's time for another one! πŸ˜€ Assassin vs. Mad Scientist, can you guess who is going to fight today?
The Hunger Games: Anime Edition |The First Cannon-Shot (3/27/2018) - The first cannon-shot, the first kill... And the first death! Can you guess who is the dead one?
The Hunger Games | Anime Edition (3/20/2018) - So I just add this crazy idea! Pick a bunch of Anime characters, put it in the Hunger Games Arena and let you decide who kills and who dies!
Kiss Him Not Me Review | 3 Words: Random, Ridiculous and Hilarious (3/13/2018) - Ok, I know there are a few problems with this one, but it made me laugh so hard, so many times that I just have to love it!
Re:Creators Review | And Yet Again, Another Formulaic Anime (3/6/2018) - I did try to watch this until the end, but I just couldn't put the effort! Everyting is "great", but for me is too formulaic!
Classroom of the Elite | Or Not that Elite (2/27/2018) - Nope, not from the random Anime reviews, but a slice of life (kind of) that I loved and wanted to do a review anyways! xD
ABP Discussions – Another | Discussing Anime as Ladies and Gentleman (2/23/2018) - Now we have weekly discussions in the party happening in our living room / facebook! Here is the last one!
Natsume: Book of Friends Review | Is it a Cat? Is it a Pig? It’s Nyanko-Sensei! (2/20/2018) - I've watching Natsume in the last few weeks and well, I love it so much that I had to do a review even before watching all seasons! XD
5 Animes to Watch in This Valentine’s Day | Single Edition (2/13/2018) - I mean Valentine's is great and all! But, what about for single people? Here are some awesome Animes to watch in this day if you are single! πŸ˜‰
Gantz Review | Shocking Scenes Only for the Shocking Factor (2/6/2018) - Finally I finished Gantz and well... It is something! At least they were able to catch my attention until the end, which is good... Right?
100 People Anime Partying & I Need a Little Help! (1/31/2018) - Remember that party I started in my living room / Facebook? Yeah, we are 100 now! πŸ˜€
AKB0048 Review | Fighting the System Through Music (1/30/2018) - Remember about Gantz? Yeah, I still wasn't able to see it all! So, here's a review for my favorite Idol Anime of all time! πŸ˜€
Gamers! Review | Playing Misunderstandings Like a Pro (1/23/2018) - While I end up watching Gantz, here's a review for a really nice and funny slice of life!
Natsuyuki Rendezvous Review | A Love Triangle… With a Ghost (1/16/2018) - I'm really happy with the random Anime series! Another week and another good show I wouldn't watch if not for this series! πŸ˜€
Ballroom e Youkoso Review ft. Creepy Faces and a LOT of Sweating (1/9/2018) - I was not able to watch the Anime I got in the Random Anime Series, but I did finished Ballroom!!! Those creepy faces, though!
Yuri On Ice from a Performer Perspective (1/3/2018) - Yuri on Ice is a great Anime overall! But, there is something that really makes me love it! How accurate it is from a performer perspective!
Library Wars Review | It’s More a Quarrel Honestly (1/2/2018) - The start of my random anime reviews! The first one to get me was Library Wars! Which should be called Library Quarrels!
Day 30: An anime I wish never ended | It is Done \o/ (12/25/2017) - I was able to beat the challenge and it ends with a easy one too! Happy with myself *pats in his own back*
Day 29: An Anime I Wished it Was Real | I’m a Simple Guy (12/24/2017) - To be honest I'm really a simple guy! If it was from any fanasy world I would go with Harry Potter, since it's Anime I go with one that lets me live in the real world (I hope).
Day 28: Favorite Quote From Any Anime Character | Hope it Inspires You (12/23/2017) - This one is just way to hard! So instead of one I chose several and instead of all Anime I narrowed it to Nana xD Cheating like a boss!
Day 27: Most Badass Scene from an Anime Character | More Fighting Scenes \o/ (12/22/2017) - This is basically the same as yesterday! I mean for me badass scene = epic fighting scene... Oh well, I throw Yuri on Ice! there too!
Day 26: Best Anime Fight | Awesomeness lvl 1000 (12/21/2017) - Anime has brought to us so cool fight animations that I've mentioned some of them along this challenge. So, today I'll just pick one!
Day 25: Saddest Anime Death | All aboard the feel train 3.0 (12/20/2017) - Because... Why not feel depressed... AGAIN? These creators make us love characters just to kill them afterwards... I hate them! >.<
Day 24: Most Shocking Scene in Anime | Making my Mind Go Blank For a Few Seconds (12/19/2017) - SPOILER ALERT AGAIN! There are so many shocking moments in Anime that just makes you gasp in silence so I had to go with a few and not only one!
Day 23: Favorite Attack in Anime | Ka…Me…Ah…Me…Not (12/18/2017) - You thought I would go with Dragon Ball for a second there didn't you? Well, not really! I just went with an attack from the Anime I've ben watching!
Day 22: Favorite Weapon, gear or armor in Anime | It’s all about fashion! (12/17/2017) - I love over the top fashion, so expect that in this post! Although when it comes to "normal" clothing I always go towards gothic when it comes to Anime!
Day 21: Favorite Goofy Anime Character | The Ones that Make You Laugh (12/17/2017) - From the most annoying to the characters that just make us laugh! That's a breath in of fresh air!
Day 20: Anime Character that Gets on My Nerves | The Annoying One! (12/15/2017) - There are many annoying characters in Anime so I had to put them more than one! Just because your day couldn't become even worst!
Day 19: Most Epic Scene in Anime | 1 Book 1 Death (12/14/2017) - Does the title give it away? Probably it does! It's from Death Note of Course SPOILER ALERT btw!
Day 18: Favorite Female Anime Support Character | They also deserve a show of their own (12/13/2017) - I've talked about the male ones, now it's time for the female to take the spotlight! πŸ™‚
Anime Number 1: And the Winner is… (12/12/2017) - It's here!!!! My favorite Anime of all time! This show just made me have so many feeling through it that well... It just has to be in number 1!
Day 17: Favourite Male Anime Support Character | They Deserve a Show of Their Own (12/12/2017) - There are so many support characters than can shine even more than the main character. I went and picked the support characters who could easily have a show of their own!
Day 16: Best Animation | Besides Kimi no Na Wa. (12/11/2017) - We all know that Kimi No Na Wa. has the best animation of all time, so I bring you another one... Which is from the same creator of course πŸ˜›
Day 15: Favorite Anime Sidekick | Too… Many… Options! (12/10/2017) - Anime heroes would be nothing without their sidekicks... So... Yes... I cheated again!!! Let me be, ok? I just went with a human, pet and summoning!
Day 14: Anime that never gets old | Let’s Spice the Things Up (12/9/2017) - I normally don't rewatch Anime... Unless it's Nana. Nevertheless I ended up watching this one not so long ago and you cans ay that my answer is biased because of that xD
Day 13: Anime Character I am most similar to | Thriving to be the best version of myself (12/8/2017) - One thing is certain... I'm always doing my best to improve myself. This way I had to go with the character I think is the most like that!
Day 12: Saddest Anime Scene | All aboard the feel train 2.0 (12/7/2017) - Because the saddest death for the gaming challenge wasn't enough, here we go into the feel train all over again.
Why, as a gay guy, I don’t like Shounen-ai animes! (12/6/2017) - I'm gay, I love gay relationships... But I just can't bare with all the troupes that we normally find in the shounen-ai genre...
Day 11: Favourite Mecha Anime | It’s easy when you only have watched 2 (12/6/2017) - I don't really watch mecha Anime so... This one was pretty easy to answer πŸ˜€
Anime Number 2: Steins Gate (12/5/2017) - We are almost at the end of the Top list!! Today I bring you one of the most complex stories in the Anime industry - Steins;Gate
Day 10: Favourite Fighter Anime | I Don’t Really Get this One (12/5/2017) - I don't get it.... What is a fighter anime? Is it the Anime, the scene or just the character? To be sure I just answered to the 3 of them!
Day 9: Favourite Anime Villain | They Also deserve our love (12/4/2017) - There are SO many villains in the Anime world. I normally go for the ones who are fighting for a cause πŸ˜› I cheated and just picked 2 insted of only 1 xD
Day 8: Favourite Anime Couple | and some Honorable Mentions of course (12/3/2017) - There are so many Anime couples that I had to throw some honorable mentions in there xD
Day 7: Anime Crush | That’s Private :$ (12/2/2017) - I have so many crushes in the Anime world... Picking just one is just impossible, so I went with a girl and a boy! >.<
Day 6: Anime I want to see but haven’t | Girls transforming into dogs? (12/1/2017) - Procrastination FTW! We all have one of these, a show that you know that you will probably love, but then you end up not watching it... Today, the challenge is about just that!
Day 5: Anime ashamed of enjoying | 4 Girls and a Rock (11/30/2017) - I don't really believe in being ashamed for liking a thing... Everyone has the right to have their own tastes... So I went and found an Anime which general rating is way lower than the one I give to it πŸ˜€
Day 4: Favorite Female Anime Character | A Company Owner and a Musician (11/29/2017) - Cheating for the win! I just couldn't pick one! That would just be impossible! And even by picking 2 I had a terribly time choosing >.<
Anime Number 3 – Code Geass (11/28/2017) - Code Geass is just one of the most intelligent stories I've ever seen! I'm not really into mecha, but Code Geass is so much more than that! Without a doubt, one of the best Animes out there!
Day 2, I mean 3: Favorite male anime character | A mad scientist (11/28/2017) - There are so many good male characters in the Anime World, but for thi one I had to go with my favorite mad scientist of all time!
The 30-ish Day Anime Challenge | A christmas gift to you β€ (11/27/2017) - What could be a best Christmas gift than showing you a little more about by myself by doing the 30 Day Anime Challenge? A Crunchiroll subscription?... Ok 😦
Anime number 4 – Toradora! (11/21/2017) - You know when they write a masterpiece where every piece is written extremely well? Yeah... That's Toradora! for you
Anime Blogging Party at the Living Room (11/15/2017) - It's an Anime Party! In my living Room!!! You are ALL invited πŸ˜€
Anime number 5 – Ouran High School Host Club (11/14/2017) - I'm a sucker for stupid, funny animation and this one has a lot of that... And preety boys... And a good story... Damn I need to rewatch this...
Anime Number 6 – Baccano! (11/7/2017) - Let's face it, most of the Anime I don't even know what is happening... But hey! I don't even know what is happening in my life most of times... So, there's that!
It’s Halloween!! (11/1/2017) - I'm a HUGE fan of Horror! This way I couldn't just pass by this Halloween without talking about some of my favorite horror Anime shows!
Anime number 7 – Your Lie in April (10/31/2017) - Your Lie in April is just beatiful! Few other stories made me to have so many feelings!
Anime number 8 – Another (10/24/2017) - In a few words, the best horror Anime I've seen so far!
Anime Number 9 – No Game No Life (10/17/2017) - No Game - No Life... Basically my motto! 2 Gamers go to a world where everything is settled by games! Nice premise, but does the Anime deliver it nicely?
The start of my top10 anime! (10/10/2017) - The Beginning of my Top 10 Anime and one of my first posts! Let's say I've grown as a writer since then!