39 thoughts on “Day 2, I mean 3: Favorite male anime character | A mad scientist”

  1. During the first episode of Steins;Gate, I actually thought this show was going to be some joke (seriously) and didn’t really like that the characters (by that I meant Okabe and Daru) were like kind of obnoxious. But I was proven wrong as I continued to watch the show – to see that they had a more human side to them (The focus on Daru isn’t all that strong though, but its alright my perspective of him changed slowly along the way).
    Okabe definitely deserves to be one of the most favourited male characters! (and with the best mad laughter) #madscientistFTW 🙂

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  2. I’m a little bit in the minority, but I did not really enjoy Stein’s Gate as much as most people did. Still agree with him being a great character though 😊
    My favorite male character is probably Shinya Kogami from Psycho Pass 😀

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  3. He’s such a great character. When I first met him in the first episode, I didn’t really know how to take him, but as you learn more about him he just becomes such a real person and his journey is fantastic to watch. Great choice.

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