Arthifis’ Classroom


anime motivation The Self-Motivation Battle #2 (9/26/2018) - Self-Motivation Battle... Round 2!
Raistlin Classroom: The Art of Commenting (9/19/2018) - Sit down everyone! It's time to have another class, but this time is the Raist who's going to give it to you! Time to learn the art of commenting!
the battle of self-motivation The Self-Motivation Battle #1 (9/12/2018) - In a perfect world, I think motivation would be like an Anime, there would always be people there shouting "Gambatte". However, that's not what we get in the real world.
using self-hosted images in wordpress Arthis Classroom: I Found A Way to Upload Images To WordPress Without Using HTML AND Saving Space! (8/1/2018) - I found a better way to add images to WordPress without using space! 🙂 You scrap the last one out, sorry! >.<
How to Save Space from Your WordPress Media Library Arthis Classroom: How to Save Space from Your WordPress Media Library (7/18/2018) - Here's a basic tutorial for you to save space for your WordPress Media Library!
Steins;Gate TimeLines for Dummies! (7/17/2018) - I'm not a smart person, so I need to have things explained in an easy way. So I decided to explain Steins;Gate Worldlines for people without a PHD in Time Travel!
Arthis’ Classroom: How To Get More Google Hits | I FORGOT ABOUT THE TAGS! (7/6/2018) - I completely forgot about talking something really important!!!! This one is the last one, I PROMISE!!! I need to talk about those tags!
Getting More Google Hits thumbnail Arthifis’ Classroom: Getting More Google Hits! – Third Class (7/4/2018) - It's the third (and last) class about how to get more Google Hits! Today I talk about titles, formatting, speed and more!
getting more google hits class 2 thumbnail Arthifis’ Classroom: Getting More Google Hits! – Second Class (6/27/2018) - In this class I teach you about links, Google search Console and Time Session!!! :3
Arthifis’ Classroom: Getting More Google Hits! – First Class (5/16/2018) - Time to start a new series! This time I'm going to give you some tips for you to get more Google hits! 😀