31 thoughts on “Arthifis’ Classroom: Getting More Google Hits! – Second Class”

    1. Loool but the links are not only for the SEO sake! Having the link back to your blog could make people to click it and increment the awareness of your blog 😛 I mean, let’s face it, everyone is way too lazy to look it up even if they find it interesting xD

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      1. That said, do links in comments count too? XD
        I’m not a tech-nerd despite my love for tech and big-data stuff, so Art-先生 hope you could enlighten us on this too! ^^
        Great (and fun) read, and thanks for going through the effort to make it a fast read for viewers!

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      2. Yes it does 😀 Although, of course as you could imagine it takes a LOT of links to make a difference! But, yes! Moreover, commenting can bring people to your blog just by the comment itself! 🙂

        Thank you~! Hope it helps! Yeah, well I also prefer shorter posts so I’m biased ahah

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      3. Hehh, it’s kind of ironic when I think about it, but the way spam bots include links in their comments certainly would contribute to that difference XDD
        Though we all don’t want worthless and non-sincere non-discussion comments of course! 😛

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      4. ahahah Well, spam comments also have other objective than SEO which is making people clicking in the link. However, since here in WordPress spam comments are removed really quickly it won’t help them at all 😛

        And yes, it’s true that this kind of things help, but you never, but never should go away from your chore! More important than SEO is for you to give comments that are sincere and makes any kind of sense xD

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  1. Ooh, it hadn’t occurred to me to use the traffic system to verify with google, so that is very useful, thank you!
    I’m still learning on all of this, I must admit. Trying to find the things that work for not only site traffic but book sales is so hard though! I have a ton of social media accounts, each one links to my site, and each one gets posts or auto posts that ink to every post too, so i’m hoping that will help.

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      1. Yes! That is to help Google to understand that all the variations of the link are in fact from the sae website 🙂 It’s one of the steps Google recommends right away to do 🙂

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    1. The more the merrier to be honest! 😀 However, you also have to take into account if you have the time and the energy to work all those social media accounts! 😀 For example, I decided to just focus on my twitter for now and do a better job there in gaining followers than be all over the place and don’t be able to work any of them that good xD But, well, that is completely a personal choice ahah

      But, more than creating SEO, social media is great to go besides your own community and find other people who may not even be in WordPress. So, not only for the Link building for the SEO, but to have clicks to your website from the platform itself XD

      Converting people to buy your products is always difficult and takes a lot of time! I entered your wrbsite to test it out and gonna be honest, it took me a while to understand where those are 🙂

      I would advise to make the exposure a little higher at your blog , for example a widget in the sidebar. Other thing is, don’t be afraid to say “Buy my book!” or something like that 🙂 The way it is right now you can’t really understand that you are selling it (or even if the book is from you) the moment you see, for example, the post in the home page leading to addict! 🙂 Don’t forget, people in the Internet are like monkeys, if they don’t see it right in front of their faces, they will not try to find it 🙂 But, well, that’s what I think of course 😀

      No problem, I’m here to help and it makes me happy see that people are finding this interesting and helpful xD

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      1. Excellent, thank you. I’m never certain how much to push the books, especially as overdoing it on social media is a definite detriment. I’m still working on tidying the site up a little though, so i’m hoping it’ll all be clearer soon. I jsut have to figure out the best way to approach it 🙂

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    1. Yeah! It’s not like I’m a guru or something like that xD Just want to show the ropes about SEO! Yeah, basically the way to make better SEO is just making what you would do to have more clicks and make people stay in your blog xD

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  2. Thank you for your wonderful article. I have connected my site with everything as you said like Webmaster, Google Analytic etc, linked my site with more than 10 social media sites, Linked with Search engine submission, Directory Submission but still not getting any backlink from other sites. Please help to rank my site on SERP.

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    1. No problem! 🙂 Hope it helped!

      When it comes to backlink I would say that my best advice would be to join a community around your theme. Go to other bloggers/websites, like, comment and share their posts. Normally it will come back to you and they will do the same.

      Another thing you can do is to ask to be a guest blogger in other sites around your subject and ask to link to you own site 🙂


      1. Thank You for your reply and suggestion, Actually I’m working in a IT company and doing in-house SEO. I’m doing the same as you said. Let’s hope for the best.

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