19 thoughts on “Kiss Him Not Me Review | 3 Words: Random, Ridiculous and Hilarious”

    1. To be honest normally most comedy animes are not able to make me laugh that much, this one was able to crack me up a lot of times so I enjoyed it a lot because of that! Of course though I don’t think it has the best plot or the deepest of stories, I mean horan high-school was able to have both for example xP but if you go with the Anime only because of the comedy I just loved most of the jokes and randomness xD

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      1. I thought it was funny and the premise was great my problems with it personally were more how it handled body image and consent which was a shame. without those two little things, I would have loved it

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      2. I understand what you are saying about body image… However I do think that body issues was not their main target, they did addressed it some times where Nishima comments directly that the guys only like her because of the looks, however when she ends up getting bigger again the guys end up finding that they love her despite her looks.
        Regarding the consent, well I didn’t see any kind of problem with that, at least compared to others Animes I’ve seen. In what kind of sense makes you say that! Probably I disregarded something important withou realizing!

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      3. I actually wrote a review of this if I remeber – the body issue thing was that the narrative itself seemed so inclined to make a huge deal out of it. I mean Why does her voice actress change??? Cmon..
        The consent thing was one scene with blonde bro guy. I really liked him and he gets a cold and all the sudden is rapey? I’m not saying this doesn’t happen a lot in anime – it does. But that doesn’t mean I like it! This said, it didn’t ruin the show for me, I just wish it wasn’t included, it didn’t seem to serve any real purpose in the storyline.

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      4. I can understand you and yes, you are right! However I do think that her voice changes just to make the character funnier… I understand what you are trying to say and probably there were some people offended by it because if you don’t look at it in a comedy perspective it will seem degrating for fat people… However, I used to be fat when I was a kid and I had sooooo many body issues because of that, but I just saw it as a comedy stunt and not really trying to go for the bigger people.
        Regarding the scene with the blond guy, completely agree with you and I think that the Anime could be way better if that didn’t happen, however I do think that scene is to portray him as a bad guy so when you see him being cute to his sister and doing the Anime dancing you feel your heart melt more… But, yes, completely agree with you, they could have used other kind of event.

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  1. I started to watch kiss him, not me but sort of put it on hold and never got back to it. I should probably get back to it. I can relate to her. Like really relate. 😎 Also, the boys are cute. I hope you will like Fune wo Amu, it’s one of my favorite anime. Maybe a little bit slow but very charming.

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    1. Ahahah I can imagine Lina watching pics of cute anime boys and having nose bleeds ahahah I’ve only watched like a minute or two and it seems that I’m going to like it a lot… At least I was impressed with the animation a lot xD

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      1. Oh yeah, there’s a nosebleed every day. 😎 😇 The animation is amazing. That alone is making Fune worth watching I think. But overall, the atmosphere in it is something special.

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  2. *has a lake nearby*
    *thinks about it*
    Nah, I love my glasses.

    I thought the series (at least the manga version) felt a bit too much like a self-insertion story, but I do like how the author included a girl as part of the harem.

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    1. Looool I also prefer seeing myself with glasses that without xD and you can always use contact lenses, no need to have a near death experience xp

      Didn’t feel that in the Anime but maybe you are right! Xp I liked that sexual orientation was completely disregarded in the story, meaning that you have the girl as part of the harem and then you have asuma and his brother who both seem to be bisexual but there is not really a huge deal about it

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