39 thoughts on “My Love Story | 5th Anniversary”

    1. Oh thank you! Xp well two reasons actually xD first we don’t celebrate Valentine’s xP second I wrote a hidden message in the post that will lead him to the next puzzle xD when he cracks all the puzzles I’ll give him his present xD

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    1. Ahah Thank you! Although if romance was written so direct as I write there wouldn’t be enough story even for one episode xD I’m happy that you liked it!


  1. I really love your story. It is just looking like a story from manga 😍 it is making my heart feel warmer , you both are such a cute couple. I wish you two to stay together for rest of your lives😁 and next time make sure to upload your pictures 😜

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    1. Oooh thank you so much! XD well yes it is true that it is a good love story! Don’t know if it would be enough for a manga though! It’s way too straight forward and without many bumps in the road xP ahahah to be honest we don’t have that many pictures together! We are all always kidding that when we have kids they won’t be able to see anything about their parents when they were younger ahah

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